Fracture Xbox 360 Demo the Week of September 15?

An ad in The Force Unleashed instruction manual touts an already available Fracture demo.

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TrevorPhillips4328d ago

hope this turns out to be true this game looks amazing

Funky Town_TX4328d ago

Can't wait to try out the demo. I hope the AI is good.

Gam714328d ago

hopefully true.

I want to try this.

Mr Marbles4328d ago

They made a mistake in the article, they said the Force Unleashed demo came out on 360 and PS3 the same day. That is not true, it came out on 360 a day or two earlier; so this could very well be true. I would imagine a PS3 demo would follow very soon however.

jack who4328d ago

no not the same day...came out a day be4 the ps3