6GHz plus: Overclocking the E8600 with liquid nitrogen

CustomPC writes: "We recently had the chance to test Intel's latest overclocking-friendly CPU, the Core 2 Duo E8600, at Amari's labs near Watford. Not content with merely wowing us with their Dream PCs 2008 entry - the fantastic submersion-cooled XCP - Amari provided the facilities to overclock the E8600 with liquid nitrogen. Custom PC was aided by two of the UK's best-known overclockers from BenchTec, Sacha35 (Paul Watkinson) and Bazx (Barry Wynd), where we cooled the chip to a chilly -120°C and achieved some truly impressive clock speeds and benchmark results."

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Fishy Fingers3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Crazy to see what these chips are really capable of. Perhaps it's time people started looking at better cooling solutions (& OCing) than working on speeding up chips in small incremental steps that cost the user a bomb to upgrade but dont offer a massive amount of gain.

Obviously I'm not talking to the extent of Liquid Nitrogen, but I have a Q6600 @3.2 with only "minor" modifications to the cooling/case cooling.

El_Colombiano3783d ago

Man that Q6600 is a beast! I can't wait to get mine.

f7897903783d ago

If you have ever played that game on a huge map your units wont move after you have given them a command because the cpu is so busy catching up on previous orders and handling the ai.

Mr BlueScreen3783d ago

I'v thinking about getting an AMD Processor due to their reliability. They seem to run cooler then they use to and a lot cooler then Intel's chips.

What you guys think about this:
Two Intel Core 2 Duos with two 8800 GTX (SLI).
Water cooled.
or should I get just one 9800 GPU instead of two 8800.

I got a nice Antec 900 case that hasn't even used yet!

Gondee3782d ago

I would go with the 9800 GTX then when you need extra boost buy another.

bourner3782d ago

why get old technoligie for the same price as new tech . get the 9800 gtx

Psycopod_Eng3782d ago

Turbo Nerd!!! altho i wouldnt mind getting my mits on some of that liquid nitrogen!!

jay23782d ago

Oh no anti static wrist bands or mats:(