Hitman's Full Season Coming to Retail in January

All five of episodes of Io-Interactive's episodic Hitman game will be available in a physical package at the beginning of next year.

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2pacalypsenow782d ago

Nice, looking forward to finally playing the new Hitman

P_Bomb781d ago

I'm enjoying it. It's currently my fallback game to relax to. If you're a stealth fan definitely grab it come January

arkard780d ago

I'm enjoying it as well. It's also my fallback game. It's fun to start up when I only have an hour or so to play. The elusive contracts have been fun and the escalation contracts are usually pretty fun. There will be a ton of content for people to play when it releases as a full package.

ShadowKnight780d ago

I'm having a blast with it. Probably the best looking game on PC currently