Square-Go: Asphalt 4 Elite Racing Review

Square-Go Writes:

"The police only hit the scene once your wanted meter fills up. Smashing through fences, ramming other cars off the road and generally driving like a nutcase will result in a high speed chase. If you crash your car when a cop is around, you get busted and it's game over. All of your stunts and mad driving is rewarded by cash bonuses at the end of each round so there is a nice risk-reward system here. Drive crazy for bigger points, but run an increased risk of wasting your car."

"For a mobile racing game, Gameloft have pulled out many stops in creating an extensive package and for the best part this is successful despite some control and visual complaints. Races are short enough for playing on the go, but there are many of these so you definitely get your moneys worth."

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