ER: Das Keyboard Professional Review

ExplodingRobot Writes:

"Weighing in at 2.6 pounds and complimented by slim rubber feet (and retractable kickstands), Das Keyboard practically defies you to send it squirting out from under your palms, even under duress, be that mad flurry of inspired typing or after a particularly exuberant whack on F3 to bring up your RPG launcher followed by a shift-D-double-space crouch/lean bunny hopping charade in your first-person shooter game of choice."

"The affirmative and unavoidable audibleness may also make all but the typist wince and cringe as aurally, listening to someone type on a Das Keyboard is not at all unlike listening to someone chew Corn Flakes with their mouth open, but there it is."

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