How Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is Getting the Band Back Together

US Gamer: "We speak with the men behind the upcoming remake... who were also the men behind the original version."

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sdcard4gb1491d ago


Germany71491d ago

Sadly, its not going to happen, but its 100% that will have a pc release.

sdcard4gb1491d ago

Yeah, I know, I'm just making it clear that something that can be done is not done :)

JunMei1491d ago

I'm waiting on that PC release too. Gotta fill that hole in my steam library!

ifrit_caress1491d ago

I've played and beat this game twice, and fully completed it on my second playthrough. I would absolutely play the remastered version.

Lon3wolf1491d ago

Looking forward to this, looks like they are doing what they can with it, unlike so remasters/HD versions.

FallenAngel19841491d ago

I've waited so long for this to happen and I couldn't be happier.

It'd be nice if they included Final Fantasy Tactis as a bonus since they are both part of the Ivalice Alliance.

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Summons751491d ago

One of the weaker Final Fantasy titles but I will gladly replay as a fan and as a fan longing for them to go back to the medieval settings of the classics. I'm super excited for FF15 but I still would love to see 16 be a medieval setting like 4,6,or9.

alstruck1491d ago

Weaker, yes.. but everytime I played this one, it sucked 50 hours-ish of my life. The story not very good, never got to the ending.

nitus101490d ago

Actually, the story is very good but unlike allot of games today you do have to look for it.

Dammit! now I want to fire up my BC PS3 and play it again. 😉

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