VGB: The Last Guy Review

VGB writes: "A fast-paced rescue game with easy-to-play controls, The Last Guy uses real-life aerial maps of 14 cities around the world for its levels, including Asakusa (Tokyo, Japan), Los Angeles (America), and London (England). Within a set time limit, the player - who is the last hope for to save mankind from the zombies that are taking over Earth - navigates through the city map, gathering survivors hidden out in buildings along the way and leading them to a designated "escape zone." As the player rushes around the level picking up survivors, a line of nervous people forms behind him and follows his every move around the level, scrambling back inside nearby buildings if a zombie gets too close."

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arakouftaian3745d ago

my g/f like its n want me to buy it n i enjoy it, but im thinking on upgrating the HDD can i dowload it againg once i install a new hard drive? for free??? or i have to pay againg???

ViRaL-3745d ago

just go to account management and download history. you don't have to pay again

arakouftaian3745d ago

then i guess i may buy it verry soon!!

thereapersson3745d ago

I once read someone liken this game to Snake, but with zombies chasing you for an added twist. It looks fun; one day I might decide to purchase it when I have some extra cash to burn.

Homicide3745d ago

Downloaded the demo and it was alright. Nothing outstanding though. I'll probably get it when it hits $5.