Crysis Brand New Gameplay Video

Check out this newly released in-game footage.

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beans5236d ago

The lighting in this game goes way beyond anything i've ever seen! When he picks up the dumpster it almost looks real! My question is will the 360 or even PS3 ever produce games that go beyond this which i'm sure they will I hope! If Alan Wake looks as good or better on 360 then this game I would think be possible on the console! Time will tell but Crysis is looking very nice!

THAMMER15236d ago

Looks great. I think this could be done on a console too. If not the full version at least a scaled back or exclusive version.

Maldread5235d ago

I think this game will be best on PC to be honest, controll wise and with performance in mind. Moast ports from PC to Consoles don`t go that well, even tgough they have got better in recent years. So i agree THAMMER1, i think we`ll see a scaled down version on console which will probally be called a exclusive version hehe. Hopefully a good developer will do it so we can have a decent fps (which isn`t present in this tralier either

Which console(s)remaines to be seen...