12 Great Wii Games Coming Soon Fall/Winter 2008

2008 promises to be a very good year for the Nintendo Wii. Game development is an evolutionary process where one feature builds upon another feature, and game engines become more sophisticated with each new release.

Now, closing in on the second full year since the Wii's release, people are beginning to see games that not only integrate the Wii's unique controls, but also squash some of the bugs found in the controls of earlier games. They have come a long way from some of those earlier games that simply remapped a button to a swing of the Wiimote.

Also, there are some really great titles to look forward to with everything from Ghostbusters to Star Wars to Tomb Raider.

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chanmasta3691d ago

Disaster: Day of Crisis and de Blob!

sumfood4u3691d ago

I prefer 1 Great Huge Space like 20GB over 12 great games.

Ballistic Jay3691d ago

lol... almost all of them are cross-platform games. Not sure about pitfall.

nieto3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

but wasn't Ghost Buster canceled? besides almost all of the games are multi-plat so that means Wii it's getting the worst versions with tacked on motion sensing.

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The story is too old to be commented.