CNet: Samsung PN50A650 Review

CNet writes: "Samsung makes so many different varieties of flat-panel HDTVs, sometimes it's difficult to keep up. This particular plasma, the 50-inch PN50A650, was released in the spring of 2008 right around the same time as the slightly less expensive PN50A550, which we reviewed way back then. We really like both of these displays, and both exhibit the same fundamentals: good but not great black levels and highly accurate color. The more expensive version adds more color of its own, in the form of the company's trademark reddish-tinted frame, and if you appreciate the styling, the PN50A650 proves a worthy entrant in the tight 50-inch plasma race."

The Good:

+Highly accurate primary colors and color temperature
+Numerous picture controls and settings
+Solid connectivity including four HDMI inputs and one PC input +Friendly, intuitive menu design
+Sleek styling

The Bad:

-Black levels not quite as deep as those of the best plasmas
-Confusing picture mode arrangement
-Red coloring may not appeal to everyone

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