Mozilla Assures Fans: Our Trunk Already Beats Chrome

There has been a lot of buzz around Google's new Chrome browsers and its V8 JavaScript VM. Some voices have claimed that V8 is several times faster than TraceMonkey (Firefox's under-development JavaScript engine). We did some head to head comparisons and these claims don't match our observations.

UPDATE: It should be noted that TraceMonkey is not enabled by default in the nightly builds yet (you can still turn it on, see in the article.)

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dktxx23694d ago

From my experience, Chrome loads everything much faster then Firefox. And I mean significantly faster.

verb3k3694d ago

Trunk = nightly builds
Trunk means code that has been committed to the main development branch.

sagapo3693d ago

to me, Firefox seems to be the fastest one, concidering Chrome is still beta. But I don't feel a huge difference in speed tho.
They both kick IE's ass anyway :)

Ro11z3693d ago

but from the looks of it Firefox is getting the speed boost Chrome has but still has the better functionality

Firefox FTW everyday

Plus Chrome as its Open will help Firefox anywayz

SaiyanFury3692d ago

OK it's official: some people disagree just for the sake of disagreeing.

SaiyanFury3693d ago

Personally I don't give a crap about Google's Chrome. I've been using Firefox now for half a decade and it's what I'm familiar with. It's plenty fast enough for me and I already know most the settings and commands. I don't need anything else. Kudos to those who use Chrome, but I don't need it.

Ro11z3693d ago

its not really the point of caring about Chrome its the fact Googfle is trying to push and change the browser industry which in my opinion has become slow and bloated.

so with the V8 pushing tracemonkey forward is only a good thing Open is the way forward so Kudos to Google foe helping

vdesai3693d ago

TraceMonkey was faster then V8 before V8 was released. Though it will get faster if they do choose to use code from V8. Geco still needs to be improved. Which is when Presto engine is amazing, but it has a downfall, its Javascript handling will stop oldish computers in its tracks. Webkit is amazing but it is not as versatile as the Geco engine while it is amazingly fast. The Geco engine is in between especially now with TraceMonkey.

SaiyanFury3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Why am I being disagreed with? I just said that Firefox was "plenty fast enough for ME. Kudos to those who use Chrome but I don't need it". What's to disagree with? Maybe I didn't give enough credit to those people that prefer Firefox?

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The story is too old to be commented.