Is Australia getting a revised version of Dead Space?

A classification for Dead Space has appeared on the Australian OLFC website, as expected it has been given the highest rating possible for a game, MA15+, what was not expected however is one of the finer details indicating that the game has been submitted twice.

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Mc Fadge3721d ago

Or I'll be angry >: <

I'll probably just import This and Bioshock from play-asia and pay the same price as I would for ONE of the two

Brianemone3721d ago

The sooner they realise that stuff like this hurts them and that more and more people are importing all the time, the sooner it will stop. Also the bloody Australian government needs to sort out their rating system

VMAN_013720d ago

I wish our dollar didn't go down thats really annoying now everything on Play Asia is more expensive.