The Witcher author - Andrzej Sapkowski - "The game has caused me a lot of s***" "In a lecture at the convention Polcon in a fairly harsh words he spoke about the players and developers."

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Cy2392d ago

This site really needs to stop accepting these google translated articles. They're basically unreadable.

monkey6022392d ago

Yeah I tried and got nowhere with making any sense of all that

NewMonday2392d ago

From what I could decipher the author is upset that people think his books are an adaptation of the game, while the game is actually an adaptation of his books, and that the story cannon from the game has superseded the original cannon of the books.

though he dose acknowledge that the game gave his work popularity in the first place and that lead to his work being published in several languages.

Bansai2392d ago

Basically, he's salty that the games overshadowed the books.

_-EDMIX-_2392d ago

@ban- no he's angry that the developers have not given proper or I would say more transparent citation to his work

Bansai2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

He never said that, and even if he did, they [CDPR] did punctuate that the whole series is based on the books and not the other way around. Every single game says that.

Eamon2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Actually, the games are a sequel to his books. CDProjekt did a very clever move by making Geralt amnesiac at the beginning of the first Witcher game. It was clever in that it easily introduced new people to the world of The Witcher without having to adapt the original stories nor having to change their events at all.

Characters like Philippa Eilhart would meet Geralt for the first time in the games and the player wouldn't know that Geralt actually met her before, so since he doesn't remember, it feels like a first meeting all over again. The same with Triss, Dandelion etc in the first Witcher. It also gives a valid excuse to why Geralt doesn't talk about or search for Yennefer or Ciri in the first 2 Witcher games.

nix2391d ago

Guys read the book series. It's freaking amazing.

Lon3wolf2391d ago


GoG have always said it was adapted form those novels, they even had Andrzej Sapkowski advise on the games (I believe) in the beginning. He distanced himself from the games ages ago. I bet it's just some journo dragging up old stuff again now that the GOTY W3 is coming out.

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Bahamut2392d ago

You're right, completely unreadable.

Anzil2392d ago

Didn't even read the second paragraph

zodiac9092391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I find it so weird that in this day and age, Google Translate STILL has so much trouble accurately translating languages. =/

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Movefasta19932392d ago

I only read book 1,and i love it.I'll read book 2 soon.

Fist4achin2392d ago

Same here. I've heard the second gets into the weeds of the politics of the kingdoms. I am just starting it.

RememberThe3572392d ago

I just finished the first book a couple of days ago and I honestly wasn't that impressed. It read like a series of short story's loosely related; not a bad thing in essence and i actually found some of the situations interesting, but it felt shallow and impersonal. When it ended it felt like the end of a first act and. If hadn't had the context of the games I wouldn't have finished it. After reading this book I'm firm in my thought that the developers of the game are better story tellers than the author.

Movefasta19932392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

I prefer the short story layout but i can understand why you did not like it. The chapter with Geralt and Renfri was legendary imo .

RememberThe3572392d ago

Yeah the book has a couple moments that are so "Witcher" and so awesome. But my expectations were molded by the games and that might not be fair since you're the Witcher all the time and you're with him through everything. Plus, I just finished the Red Rising series earlier and I think I was hoping for that sort of book. With all that said, I still plan on continuing the series, Geralt is awesome and the stories are so unique.

cerpintaxt442391d ago

the first book is a collection of short stories. Blood of Elves is the book that starts the narrative.

FalloutWanderer20772391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

"After reading this book I'm firm in my thought that the developers of the game are better story tellers than the author. "
No, you don't get it. The first two novels chronologically are The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, both of which are just that, short story collections. The Last Wish, the book you read, is supposed to flow exactly as you described and IMHO, I love how it has interlude chapters continuing Geralt's recovery and stay at the temple of Melitele in Ellander from the Striga attack. The Witcher saga doesn't truly begin until Blood of Elves. This is the chronological reading order
1. Last Wish (Short story collection)
2. Sword of Destiny (Short story collection)
3. Blood of elves
4. Time of Contempt
5. Baptism of Fire
6. Tower of Swallows
7. Lady of The Lake
The novels are absolutely excellent and must-reads for any fan of the Witcher games and Dark Fantasy. I'd strongly advise reading the novels before playing the games, in between games if need be but before playing Witcher 3 or at the very least after playing so you can go back and replay the games to see just what you've missed. There's so much lore, remarks between characters, past events and history that only book readers will understand and appreciate. Personally, I played TW1 and TW2 and then read the books before Witcher 3 released. Highly recommended!

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burza19822392d ago

Read stories and novels first. Saga is on the end and stories and novels are better then saga, more Geralt and similar what you had in the game.

RenegadeRocks2391d ago

the books are the best. My most treasured stories. the way Andrej intertwines persoanl human themes with global modern themes is magical. love the humour, the characters, the world. Its mind blowing. I feel like re reading them all right now. Might as well do after my current deadline ends. :)

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Kreisen2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Without CD Projekt RED nobody outside of Poland wouldve ever even heard about his books and yet he never had anything good to say about them or the game.
Hell how much money did he pocket becouse of CD Projekt RED? Im sure he was very, very angry accepting all that cash. What a piece of shit...

RememberThe3572392d ago

That was my first thought. This guy is tryin to convince everyone that the success of the game was because of the success of the books. The ego is strong with this one.

letsgopal2391d ago

For years he's known for being a very egoistic asshole. And he basically said that people who play video games are idiots.

bloodybutcher2392d ago

Of course. If you ignore the pre-game translations to Russian, German, Spanish, French etc.

RabbitFly2391d ago

Yep. Yet never in English, which is the biggest market for books. Not because Murica! like Cerpintaxt44 jokingly says, but because there are a lot more people viable to read books in english in countries all over the world.

Me f. ex. I am not from an english speaking country, but of all the languages that the Witcher books have been published in. The only one I can read is English, and none of the books, maybe except the last wish, was published in english before the games made the stories popular.

TheTwelve2392d ago

Must be horrible to have your books get so much attention and increased sales due to the game. I wouldn't wish this upon any struggling writer, in fact.

Cy2392d ago

As a struggling writer, I totally agree. I'd hate it if someone made games out of my books and drove up my sales. It would be even worse if it got my books translated into other languages, of all things. I feel so bad for this poor guy.

letsgopal2391d ago

he's just an asshole towards anything and anyone. He thinks people that play video games are stupid

theshredded2392d ago

Judging by this, CD project Red are greedy limited bastards.

RememberThe3572392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

With all that free DLC and epic story telling I'm left feeling the same way


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