GCO: Top 5 Women Characters In Video Games

Women, just like in real life you, can't do without them in video games. We sat down and made a list of the "Top 5 Women Characters In Video Games", but here's what makes our list different then the other we picked our women using their back story and what they had over come and the most important is how they help the main character in the story.

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ChickeyCantor4328d ago

Sorry but no Samus Aran makes your list an epic failure,
She was the first female heroin that kicked ass and saved the universe.

GCO Gamer4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Samas is on every list

ChickeyCantor4328d ago

Samas may be on every list xD
But Samus is not on this list therefor I don't agree.
If you are the writer of this article i suggest you change the update, it says SAMAS, it's SAMUS.

spectyre4327d ago

Kai>Nariko. She may have not been the main character, but once I was on Kai's Mission, I didn't want to play as Nariko anymore. I remember shooting one of the baddies in the eye when Kai says: "Bet he didn't see that one coming". I was rofl.

Covenant4327d ago

No Samus...

No Alyx Vance...

Heck, even no Cortana...

Uh, no.

ICUP4327d ago

The Boss is the greatest woman character in video games IMO.

jerethdagryphon4327d ago

cortanas backstory

smart ai grown from the flashcloned brain of the scientest who came up with spartan program

programs with code breaking.....

im sorry i really dont see the epic ness of backstory

not to say cortana isnt cool she is but her backstorys a little lame

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The story is too old to be commented.