Video: The Final moments of Game Vs. Bow Wow

AnalogHype: As most of you guys already know rapper Bow Wow and The Game did a Madden 09' challenge and the winner was The Game. The video footage was finally released and here are the final moments. Bow Wow doesn't take losing to lightly.

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C_SoL3695d ago

The Game is wearing a mouthpiece......haha....
That nuka is ready.....

Killakap3695d ago

yea...bowwow talked alot of smack before the match...but ended up getting wooped

Legion3695d ago

GAME ran the distance of the field going to his own 5 yard line, just so he could throw a bomb touch down pass!! Classic waxing!!!

Sena Kobayashi3695d ago

bow wow music sucks and he suck a madden . He wont ever be able to join the Devil bats

Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!

Spinitus3694d ago

"shout to Jamain Dupree for comming tru to pick up his lil puppy" lmao

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