Spore: 11 Things Parents Should Know

Spore is a very unique game that can best be described as a "life simulator." Famous game designer Will Wright, who has worked on such well-loved, commercially successful titles as The Sims, created the long-awaited game, published by Electronic Arts and developed by a subsidiary called Maxis.

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f7897903746d ago

#8 is the only thing that they need to know about. Funny how they put a black box over it.

ianp6223746d ago

"4. Spore does not espouse or expressly promote any specific theory of the origin of life.

The game is presented in a way that can be interpreted from different perspectives: pure Darwinian evolution or Intelligent Design (with you, the player, aiding in such design). The designers behind the game hope that exploration of such themes of life and its development will help spur peoples' interest in the subject."

Evolution is a fact: there should be no debate about it. However, I'm surprised that more people haven't complained about the evolution in this game. Also, as an atheist, I have no idea why some other atheists are upset about the presence of religion in this game, considering that it is present in every human society in some form.

John HX3745d ago

I agree. No 4 actually pissed me of to the extent that I stopped reading. Just the thought that some parents are AFRAID of the game teaching their kids about evolution makes me sick.

There is no debate in the scientific community about evolution. None. To put it in perspective, there are four times more historians that reject the holocaust than there are scientists rejecting evolution. The supposed "controversy" is a pure fabrication, manufactured by right-wing religious nuts to get creationism into our schools.

So, to sum it up:
Science is awesome. Stop undermining it, douchebags.