Who Wants a PlayStation 4 Slim? (Pressurecast One-Hundred-Forty-Five)

PlayStation Plus Sees a Price Hike, GameStop Ends a Rocky Quarter, and Street Fighter Has a Birthday!

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Fist4achin1749d ago

I wouldn't mind picking up a slim of either consoles. The only problem is the looming of both the neo and Scorpio that is making me hesitate.

WiiU-Dude1748d ago

Unless I'm missing something, I don't see any reason to warrant a purchase of the PS4 Slim over the original. The Xbox Box S offered up several reasons to purchase it - even if you have the original. 4K. If you have or are going to buy an UHD TV, XB1S offers a 4K Blu Ry for the price of stand alone units from other companies. HDR, for those buying a 4K TV soon, splurge for an HDR model - I hear it's worth it. Then the XB1S because of HDR games programmed to use it will look more richly colored. The finally they even over locked the GPU and it has increased performance of some games a tiny bit - much better than nothing. The PS4 Slim is a real let down or the XB1S is a tremendous surprise.
Next thing hurting the PS4 Slim is that the NEO maybe hitting this year, begging the question, why buy the slim? The PS4 Slim is truly a puzzling move by Sony. I'm guessing it will eventually supplant the original model, which is unfortunate, because the original model looks so much cooler than pics of the PS4 Slim.
I'm fine with my original PS4...the Xbox One S does make me covet it a bit and I have a 4K TV, just no HDR, but for now I guess I will soldier on with my original Xbox One too...for now.

1748d ago