T3: Sony NWZ-A826K Review

T3 writes: "Guess what? Apples aren't the only portable player fruit...

High price + small memory = slim chances. Or so you might think. The Sony grabs a fistful of your dollars, but the payback is a player that is a joy to own, use, fondle or, indeed, stick under Madonna's pillow."

We Love:

+Brilliant sound
+Sharp images

We Hate:

-High price
-Low memory
-Rubbish Bluetooth headphones

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Elimin84318d ago

Seriously... Went in curiously, came out confused.

thereapersson4317d ago

Too bad (as usual for Sony), the price is always more expensive than the competition, whereas the features their electronic equpment employ are usually not much more advanced than another competing device.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4317d ago

Nearly as SEXY as Veronica Belmont!!! ;-P
I got a SONY NW-E015 ;) Well SEXY;)it is. SONY Cost more but last longer;)

toolhead4life4317d ago

Love it! I love the sound from the plugged-in earbuds, but sound quality does drop through compression/uncompression with Bluetooth. My home theater receiver accepts Bluetooth, and it's more convenient than I ever thought it would be to have my Walkman play my songs wirelessly from the sofa.

I've already had evenings where we have a few drinks, and listen to some music with friends, and it's great to pass my player around for the next person to pick their tune.

I wish it would pair with the PS3, but it doesn't. You would still have to plug it with the USB cable for your songs to play through the console.

I guess I was in the market for an MP3 player, that wasn't what most people have (Ipod), and I've trusted the Walkman brand for a long time.. I'm not dissapointed yet.