So, What Should Have Been In 'No Man's Sky's Galactic Center?

No Man’s Sky is currently vying for the “most hated game of the year” crown from fans and members of the press alike. Some are disappointed with the game’s lack of content and goals. Others are mad about promised features that never made it into the final release. But everyone is mad about the “ending” of the game, a massive disappointment and anti-climax like nothing else in recent memory.

Obviously in order to talk about this, we have to get into spoiler territory. But Forbes said it before and they will say it again: This is an ending you want spoiled. The crushing disappointment of experiencing it in-game is too much. Just get it out of the way now, and you’ll be better off for it.

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Mr Pumblechook1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Sean Murray made a mistake because he hyped 'the centre of the universe' as a feature - but it wasn't so it became a big disappointment! I would have liked to have seen the culmination of an Atlas storyline that takes you to the centre where you discover THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE. Perhaps an ancient god force which reveals the history of everything. Instead we got that nonsense!

My hope is that Sean Murray will go back to this and create an RPG-like quest and revise the centre of the universe!

Shubhendu_Singh1688d ago

Seriously, Who would buy any game made by Sean Murray ever again ?
Who on earth would be stupid enough to fall for his words a second time ?

Peter Molyneux fans perhaps ?

Goldby1688d ago

no one has reached the center of the universe yet. we are all just travelinngin around our galaxies, in on giant universe

Shubhendu_Singh1688d ago

At the NMS galactic center,
There should have been a display of no. of hours played to reach this goal,
So that you know how much time you wasted right there and then.

1688d ago
jokho1688d ago

Brilliant. You should really think of being a game developer or at least get this idea patented before Sean Murray beats you to it. You got my like.

thelaughingwiseman1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Easy, an Ancient Race of beings who had been there the whole time, prior to the protagonist. It turns out, this alien race hails from a universe before him, they were able to travel through the black hole which caused some time of temporal displacement. This temporal displacement lead to a big bang, causing the destruction of their universe and the beginning of the protagonist universe. The explorer will now have the choice to go into the black hole himself (causing a new big bang and a new universe to form) or stay with that alien race from a previous universe and wait for the rest of the explorers :D

Scottyabanks1688d ago

I don't understand the hate for this game. It was never overhyped, the developers explained exactly what this game was and was not going to be. Most players bought it up cause they heard of it, didn't do their homework, thought it was something else, and was left disappointed. This is a great game and I'm afraid if this whining and complaining doesn't stop, it's going to set a terrible precedent for future game developers like them. We have to support these guys otherwise it will be a sad future where all we have to play are call of duty and battlefield, and I assure you, we don't need anymore of those. All my friends are enjoying this game, amd so am I. There is no reason anyone should be returning this title when we like bungie and Activision get away with destiny.

GrimmyReaper1688d ago

I'm sorry but have you been living under a rock?
Never overhyped? They explained exactly what it was? Support these guys?!

Wake up and smell the bullshit. Hello Games, the images, the footage and interviews, he lied about so much! You can see it in several linked sources from Hello Games themselves!

If you like the game, that's fine but stop lying to yourself. Don't believe me? If you got time then read this

And you'll understand why people are so pissed off

nix1688d ago

i exactly knew what the game was about. good thing is i didn't follow too much into the game because i wasn't planning to buy the game considering it was exploration/survival. but a long weekend was upon me, so i picked the game up to support the devs at least (considering they went through flood). i did however enjoy the game.

the biggest thing i've learnt is that it - it was told that the game is MP, i didn't even know that until it was brought up. i understand many people were disappointed that things promised were not there but i clearly was not.

what my only hope is that - i hope this opens a path for more gamers to return games that are half assed made specially from bigger devs/producers.

wraith49121688d ago

The old Space Invaders arcade game.

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