Reggie: We never said the Wii storage solution is a hard drive

In the latest issue of Club Nintendo - a Spanish Nintendo magazine - Reggie Fils-Aime and Shigeru Miyamoto shed light on some interesting questions. First, and perhaps most importantly, Fils-Aime reaffirmed Nintendo's commitment to investigating a storage solution. However, Fils-Aime confirmed that it isn't necessarily a hard drive.

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kspraydad3747d ago

will be first console with BD-RW?

kesvalk3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

sorry for my lack of information, but what is a BD-RW?

EDIT: already searched in the net...

sack_boi3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

it's probably the Holographic data storage I read about some months earlier.... Next-gen Wii is going to own; just imagine what Nintend cn do no, wi pkets as big as theirs!

I heard that microsoft will be using the Larrabe processor on their next-gen system...

I can't wait for E3 2010-2011

ChickeyCantor3747d ago

To write Holographic data you need a big ass machine.
The tech still needs to be improved.
It's unlikely that we will see it this generation.

sumfood4u3746d ago

Everything gets Pirated.

Leathersoup3746d ago

Nintendo will be selling whiteboards for gamers to write level
passwords on.

kspraydad3746d ago

8 Disagree's for a sarcastic remark (meant to be humorous) that didn't make fun of any console...guess people are right when the say the subtleties sarcasm rarely work on the internets.

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Raoh3747d ago

actually nintendo may trump sony and microsoft and start streaming games. almost like flash games in web browsers.

unsunghero283747d ago

I concur that it's highly probable Nintendo will begin offering a cloud computing solution.

Not only is such an approach economically and technologically feasible, but it prevents Nintendo from scaring away casual customers.

zo6_lover273747d ago

But that requires an internet connection, and a pretty dang fast one too. And also, it has to be wireless, which is even more of a problem.

kesvalk3747d ago

i don't think this is a sollution for the storage problem, after all, we can redownload the game from shop channel, from my point of view, unless i am really wrong, it's the same thing, you will still need to have a net connection to do it, and it would need to be fast...

isn't it simple to break the limit of the SD card and make it possible that the Wii acess the information directly from it?

zo6_lover273747d ago

Kesvalk, that is the PERFECT solution.
The wii can recognize up to 2GB cards and that's already 4 times as much than the built in memory, and games only take up a VERY small amount memory

Jerkapotamus3747d ago

Yes, unlocking the SD card is the most probable solution in my opinion.

TruthbeTold3747d ago

If they do come up with a system where you download a much smaller file for a game, then connect online to play it from their servers then I think that all would be good. If you are downloading games onto your Wii, then you have Wireless internet, or access to it. It would be Win/Win.

kesvalk3747d ago

not exactly, the Wiiware and VC games are tied to the Wii they are downloaded on, it can't be shared cuz the codification don't match,and the game can't be played on another console.

so you can't download a game on the SD and play it on your Wii, cuz it will have the code of another Wii.

philatopus3746d ago

actually it is possible to download vc/wiiware games, using the wad installer on the homebrew channel.

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Farsendor13747d ago

bd-rw is Blu-Ray Disc-ReWritable anyways no i don't see nintendo using blu ray

TruthbeTold3747d ago

...a bunch of non-information.

Oh! You're working on a storage solution just like you said months ago?

Oh! It's not necessarily a Hard Drive?

Oh! You think that Animal Crossing is what I want from you as pretty much your only offering through the end of the year?

Oh! There's a Zelda game being worked on, but you can't tell us anything, just like a few moths ago when you couldn't tell us anything?

Surprise, surprise.

GFahim3747d ago

but they also announce the release date of disaster day of crisis from nowhere!

TruthbeTold3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

But that I'm glad about. I feared that that game was dead. Even so, the recent screens of it looked very PS2ish. The gameplay better be off the hook.

Baka-akaB3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Then again regis you didnt say anything yet of value ...

Investigating ? Come on its not like they're IBM and will create a storage out of the blue ...

How long does it takes to decide weither or not you use flash drives , other kind of hdds , or yet more expensive cards ...

KingDizzi3747d ago

He does not have to, put a turn on a disc with mario in it and you have 10 million sales guaranteed. Hell there DS good game sold 15 million, Nintendo are just too good at what they do.

If Sony or MS were able to go back in time, no prizes for guessing if they would have made the Wii in stead of the PS3 or 360 respectively....

mfwahwah3746d ago

I don't understand why Nintendo want to drag this on and on. Honestly, get a HDD. Pop it into a Wii style case. Sell it. It's the fast, simple, reliable, cheap solution that everyone would go wild for, yet Nintendo just HAS to be innovative. Maybe they should focus on innovation for their next console, and focus on serving their customers with this console.