Chat Logs Reveal Zoe Quinn Admitting To Sabotaging Polaris Game Jam

Polaris and Maker Studios, the multi-channel network organization, had planned a reality TV-style game jam a while back. It all fell to pieces for a number of reasons, but part of it was in deliberate sabotaging by a few of its participants, including Zoe Quinn from Depression Quest fame, Tom Jackson from Surgeon Simulator and Davey Wreden from The Stanley Parable, assuming statements made in a chat log are to be believed.


Admin note: changed to rumor. Pasted chat logs is not definitive proof.

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TwoForce1694d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Wow, Are you Seriously, Zoe Quinn ? I just can't believe this. And I wish we have social enhancement form Deus Ex Series that could persuade people like her.

Edit : People said that Anita and Zoe are ignorant and a cancer to gaming industry. But After I played Deus Ex Mankind Divided, there are more to it. Like i said, we wish to have social enhancement from Deus Ex. If we want to beat them, not just finding clue, but also we need a social conservation with them.

JD_Shadow1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Just when you think she's forgotten and we can move on, here she is again. But I think this is more of a serious thing, because of how much this cost Maker to put on. I don't know how much legal ground that Polaris could have if they ever chose to sue those responsible (since the logs have been confirmed to be true by one of them that was once within that group, and there weren't obtained dubiously, so they could be admissible evidence - hope I have the right word there), but it is a pretty crappy thing to do just because you disliked the corporate backings they had to do.

And it never seemed as though Quinn was a very nice person to be around. Might be further proof that she was (and still is) quite the d-bag.

MyDietEqualsGames1693d ago

Didn't she get to speak at the senate?
Scary shit there.

Nitrowolf21693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

This has apparently been confirmed As real

She is literal cancer
Both her and Anita don't care about the industry at all. They just see it as a tool to get what they want and it saddens me to see so many big gaming sites defend them then again those are typically my worst rated gaming sites so it doesn't surprise me

Godmars2901693d ago

She's back in the news because of a new game...which has fallen though. Wanted to make something based on a novel series or webcomic, but the owner changed their mind.

Also, did anyone bother to check to see if the link worked before approving this?

And the U.N. The report for which centered around her visit pulled for both being badly written and only referring to itself for facts.

JD_Shadow1693d ago

@Godmars290 The site has been running a bit slow the past few days for some weird reason. Not sure why! Trust me, it should work if you give it a few minutes. I hope it's just the normal issues a site might have from time to time if their hosting company screws up!

Dee_911693d ago Show
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-Foxtrot1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )


GamerGate knew this and they were torn apart by the corrupt gaming sites they were exposing while others followed like sheep so they didn't look bad.

She's spiteful, she's manipulative, she doesn't give a shit about the gaming industry and all she's done is tried to exploit it like she has to get more money out of it.

Just like Anita they are both con artists yet despite this they are defended by big sites who are supposed to be on our side. They make them look "victimized" by "big bad sexist gamers" ruining our image and what they are supposed to represent.

Godmars2901693d ago

Big site which are making themselves irrelevant by both showing they know nothing about games then getting upset with what's suppose to be their audience when exposed.

DragonKnight1693d ago

Who is honestly surprised? Zoe Quinn is scum, pure and simple. That she was granted the privilege (irony at its best) to speak to the U.N. about how hard it is to be a woman just shows how much the gangrenous infection of feminism has poisoned the world.

rainslacker1693d ago ShowReplies(1)
StifflerK1694d ago

I hope Polaris/Maker studios can sue them for this, it'd be nice to see Quinn and her cronies get what they deserve for once.

JD_Shadow1694d ago

There are a TON of these logs that were leaked, and Bro Team Pill did a three hour and then a five hour stream, and they STILL did not get through the entire collection of logs that were uncovered. What I gathered was that Crash Override was basically a cover to protect Quinn and her friends from anything and everything that even dared to challenge or call her out. There are a TON of things that are inside of those logs that they would have to atone for, and this is all while there was a complaint out there that CON completely ignored an actual inquiry to them when they were being harassed on Twitter. The people involved within these logs were a who's who of the anti-Gamergate side (the exception of Ian Miles Chong, who switched sides some time after because he got backstabbed by what I assume was this very group), and they were more than ready to instigate things.

This is probably one of the more insidious things they have ever done, but far from the only thing.

rainslacker1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Are you surprised? The entire gamergate movement was completely derailed by manipulating the narrative to be about gamers hating on women, just to cover up the malfeasance of the individuals were were complicit in unethical practices, and Quinn was one thing they supported. Both before GG started, and after.

These people can not face actual criticism, nor can they take responsibility to be accountable for their actions, and I know they know what they do is wrong, despite their moral superiority complex which makes them always look right. If they didn't know they were wrong, they wouldn't be trying so hard to avoid any kind of reproach, but since they do, it only shows they have absolutely no remorse, and are selfish and do not represent anyone but themselves. For a individual, fine, but such attitudes are not acceptable for the press as a whole, which is meant to serve the readers by being ethical. Although these things aren't insular to just the gaming press nowadays, it just sucks that some in the gaming press partake in such actions instead of actually trying to promote games in the right way which is beneficial to all.

I'm hoping this makes GG rise back up. While I'm sure we'd see a lot of "misogyny!!!" crap again, it doesn't take much to actually say...." s is what we were pissed off about all along", and try to make them actually address that.....if GG can manage to keep it's idiot extremist from going all off the handle and saying stupid sexist things which give SJW an out.

@Fox below

Now I feel kind of sad how out of the loop of GG I've been for a while. Lots of comments in there which I had no clue were happening. Maybe I need to start paying more attention to it again. I know it's died down a lot, but know there is still stuff revolving around the whole topics at hand.

This chat log could lead to a huge resurgence of the movement, I just hope it manages to not get wrapped up in the petty side debate about misogynist gamers.

-Foxtrot1693d ago

We'll probably see Polygon and Kotaku, along with some others spin this someway

Seen this on Reddit

"Did you read the last part where they talk about sueing Total Biscuit. Someone asks if he lives in the UK so that "he would have to prove he hasn't damaged you (Quin)". The Quin says that she wouldn't sue someone with cancer and her friends praise her for her mercifulness.

If this is real, this is f***** up"

She is being made out to look like a total saint because she didn't sue someone with cancer, despite the fact suing him anyway would have been wrong as he didn't really do anything. Her white knights are really trying to make her look good out of this.


hirobrotagonist1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I don't really believe most of what I've read from that kotakuinaction subreddit since they're gamergaters...

are people on this site seriously defending gamergate?

Dee_911693d ago

Gamergate was partially created on this site. Gamergate doesn't need to be defended. A lot of their claims have been proven true time and time again. Oh but you don't care about that do you? You just read on Polygon that gamergate hates women and completely believed it I bet.

bmf73641693d ago

By cronies do you mean whoever was in her pants? She was literally the catalyst to Gamergate

rainslacker1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Not the only one. But one of the biggest ones. The term GG was coined more for the cabal of gaming press higher ups who were manipulating the news by threatening to black list anyone who didn't tow the narratives they wanted to present. Quinn was kind of a side thing that led to that eventual discovery while the community was up in arms over potential unethical behavior by the press itself. That particular event with her sleeping with some journalist, led to the entire gaming press being scrutinized in a big way, and the only way they could get out of it was to once again change the narrative, which they did by calling anyone who supported GG, misogynist.

But, with these chat logs, it'll be a lot harder to defend now. People call her a disgusting person all around....mostly for her actions. Her being a woman is just a coincidence, and I wouldn't doubt if these logs pick up steam for people being pissed off again, that the SJW crowd quickly abandon her to the wolves for her to fight it out on her own, because some of the things I've seen her say in just a cursory overview of the logs is not someone that people would want to be known to defend. Easy enough to stand by those who have some ambiguous criticism(or at least criticism which can be said to be ambiguous) thrown at them. A lot harder when that person is actually just vile.

@noteven below

Not so. Although you may be right.

The press will throw her under the bus, then back up the bus if necessary, then get the dumptruck to pour a big batch of salt on her if the story is big enough. They will completely ignore their place in promoting her, acting as if it never happened, because they know that most people will forget they ever said anything.

The usual suspects who have played this anti-GG BS won't be able to do all that, and may be able to justify her actions, but more likely they will just ignore it because it has nothing to do with them....even though it kind of does.

But no matter what happens, the press, in general, and more specifically those who were complicit in the actions and helped participate in them, will never take accountability upon themselves.

It's up to the community to hold them accountable, which is what GG was trying to do. I'd like to think that this could make them accountable, but there was evidence of similar sabotage tactics for different things by some pretty high up people in the gaming press, and that didn't manage to catch on in the mainstream or general press before most sites decided to avoid these topics altogether. All the sites which decided to avoid the topic, allowed the bad seeds to ruin their reputation, and gave those people exactly what they wanted, which was unfettered access to form the narrative which made them less culpable.

NotEvenMyFinalForm1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

They are not gonna do anything. Zoe has been on the UN advocating for online censorship and has been on the front of every liberal media article about online harassment just like Anita once was. Going after her now means bad press and getting thrown in the pit with the latest boogyman, the alt-right. And not to mention her company about online harassment prevention is endorsed by pretty big corporations like Intel, so she has a lot of pull in the industry and even some connections within the political world through a politician called Katherine Clark, the same one who got her into the UN.

There's a ton of stuff in those leaks including the exposition of targeted harassment and doxing by members of Crash Override Network. Only a few weeks ago one of their members, Robert Marmolejo, got outed as a sexual harasser and nobody in the media has reported on that. There's even a convicted pedophile that used to work with FremFreq and again, nobody reports on any of that stuff either.

Majin-vegeta1693d ago

In due time my friend.Everything will come back and bite her in the arse Karma at its best:)

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annoyedgamer1693d ago

Fe Fi Fo Fum...I smell the blood..of a lawsuit

Rimeskeem1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I was hoping you would have done

"Fe Fi Fo Fum...I smell the blood of a sued woman

-Foxtrot1693d ago

Whaaaa...Zoe did something like this? NOOOO...GET OUT OF HERE. Damn I honestly can't believe this entire electrified pickle we have here /s

"including Zoe Quinn from Depression Quest fame"

Yeah...I don't think that's what she's known for ha.

rainslacker1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

"Yeah...I don't think that's what she's known for ha."

LOL. Love how they make it out like this is her biggest accomplishment. Not being one of the biggest reasons GG started in the first place, and being the primary example for others on how to play the victim.

Depression quest was a terrible game, and it wasn't even famous for the actual game. Just her part in it. Doubt you could really find anyone who could say anything about the game beyond the actual marketing info who isn't a raving SJW twat, or reviewer forced to play the game.

Sadly, I have played the game, because I feel if I am going to criticize something so heavily, then I should at least do so from a point of experience. As it turns out, one doesn't really need to play it to realize it's a crap game with no redeeming features whatsoever, and shows a marked lack of any sort of understanding of the very basics of game design. I've seen 12-16 year old kids in some of the STEM programs I participate in who make better games in much less time. In fact, most of them do, and the one's that aren't as good, simply didn't have time to finish.....but I guess I digress....but this coming to light actually pisses me off, and it's been a while since I've taken a good shot at Quinn and her lack of morals or ability to be a half decent human being.

edit @ Below

Have no problem with her getting help making it. Most games aren't made by a single person. Biggest problem with it is that it is a terrible game with no redeeming values. Even the themes she tries to represent are done so poorly, they are completely meaningless. It's neither preachy nor meaningful. It doesn't inform, or console. It's just some narcissistic personal piece which has no actual resolution or method to the overall presentation. It's like just seeing some person ramble on about their own experiences with no actual cohesion to bring it all together.

On a technical level, it can barely be called a game. It's less than a walking simulator or digital novel, and didn't even use anywhere close to all the capabilities of the very basic "game engine" that was used to make it.

-Foxtrot1693d ago

Yeah I don't even think she did it herself, she had help

At the end of the day I never even saw it as a game, just a bunch of things you click on like a question survey.....such a hard thing to do

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