Ex-Sony Employee Questions The Morality Of No Man's Sky Refund Claimants

No Man's Sky players are claiming refunds for the game on PSN and Steam due to the broken state of the game.

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Overload1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

You should instead be questioning the morality of 75% of the marketing for a game being incredibly deceiving or outright lies.

For the people (embarrassingly) trying to pretend he didn't lie about anything, read this, this is only from a few months ago.

Stop defending this liar.

75% of this interview is lies.

Nitrowolf21493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

One has to ask though is it really right to ask for a refund after spending a good 50 hours on it?

I mean I could understand if it all resorts back to the game not being what you expected it to be like but why continue playing for that long if you aren't going to enjoy it?

I'm not saying people don't deserve a refund because they do as the product was not on par with what was expected and promised.

It's just that if you really wanted a refund then you should have asked for it sooner. A lot of people are just taking advantage of this because it blew up but they have been doing refunds for awhile

But yes I do agree that that needs to be brought into question. This overall is just a sloppy situation and I put the entire blame on HG for the poor representation of the game

Overload1493d ago

Hello Games and anyone else who does this should feel the consequences of doing this. This should have happened with Kinect too.

As people that play video games, we understand the final product is not always completely representative of what we have been shown and for the most part we are ok with it. But, sometimes some products cross the line of what is acceptable, Hello Games crossed that line.

Companies that do this should be sued.

Hello Games didn't have a problem screwing people over, so I don't have a problem with people screwing them over.

freshslicepizza1493d ago

his whole argument is based on those who played it for 50 hours. if that is the case then i agree, they should not get a refund but if you look at steam lots of people returned it and you can only play for up to 2 hours. i think this guy needs to address sony's refund policy, not the game. or maybe have more games with demo's if they cannot have a system in place like steam.

JD_Shadow1493d ago

There's a slight issue with the logic, though, and it might be evident if you watch Angry Joe's review of the game. Outside of the constant crashes he got (at least 7 times his PS4 version crashed), he said that the first few hours (on the first planet he explored) were ones he enjoyed, but as the game progressed, he began seeing the unfinished mess that became what many have been experiencing.

In other words, the major problems might not be hit until a bit later (beyond the normal window that many would believe would be suitable to give for refunds on digital products). And because of that (and I think I've seen at least one other developer attempt to beat the refund window to make sure they got their money, that being the Journey Of The Light debacle), it could be a bit more of a strange and unique case where not everyone found the issues at the exact same time. If you really want to put the tin-foil hat on, you wouldn't be blamed for thinking that Hello Games knew how to beat any refund system, too. The notion that a Reddit post listing all the missing features with all the sources listed for when the developers said they would be included suddenly vanished without any trace of its existence doesn't help the conspiracy theorists from settling down.

Yeah, in normal cases, I would agree with the ex-Sony guy. But NMS is turning out to not be such a normal case here.

fei-hung1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I'm not asking for a refund because it had glitches and bugs. I'm asking for a refund because there are features missing from the game and i have no idea when they will be added, if they will be added and at what cost of any.

If they said the game wasn't going to launch with all the features like SFV and here is the road map for the other bits, consumers like myself would be able to make a decision whether we wish to buy it now or later, just like people did with SFV.

For all I know, I've paid £50 for an incomplete game for which I might be expected to pay another £10-20 to get the features I should have got for free at launch.

This is why I'm asking for a refund. The developer has been vague, has been caught lying and has within a day changed his mind about free dlc. The developer is highly unreliable and I'm not willing to put my £50 on the line for someone like that.

Edit: the only reason why I didn't ask for a refund sooner was being put off by Sony's refund policy and the horror stories surrounding it. I've rang PS customer service when my Vita was stolen and even after 3 months they couldn't help me (i was trying to get them to deactivate PS music so I could run it on another device).

UltimateMaster1493d ago

Hello Games really did not deliver on their promises.
Sony did not published the game on PC.

darthv721493d ago

Just curious if there were refunds over street fighter v?

pcz1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

you cant explore the universe in 50 hours.

it says it all that somebody had seen it all after 50 hours.

sony have no leg to stand on when talking about the morality of gamers when their whole business model is based around milking consumers dry with remasters, dlc, subscription fees etc etc. and no, its not a problem exclusive to sony, but they have a nerve to point the finger at somebody when their hands are dirty. the whole industry has turned into a joke.

we should be celebrating that consumers have rights. not accusing them of being corrupt because they were literally promised the universe and ended up with a 50 hour interactive screensaver.

hopefully this will be the turning point in the industry, where people demand quality.. and devs, publishers and the like can not get away with releasing broken games and falsely advertising them. ie lies

mikeslemonade1493d ago

They should ban refunds. And then they should allow for you to trade online games.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1493d ago

I don't understand this logic. Everyone always breaths that a game's value should be perceived by its length, yet we have people here defending this game using legth as a defensive. Sounds fishy to me

1493d ago
NukaCola1493d ago

My biggest issue is that this opens up doors for more problems in the future. Skyrim was a broken mess on PS3 but should I have gotten my money back after I managed to get two hundred and twelve hours to platinum the game? No man sky isn't perfect but it's not an outright lie like everyone wants to make it out to be nor is it a broken game. So as soon as Final Fantasy 15 is not up to par it's going to get returned 80 hours in?

neutralgamer19921493d ago

i understand about all lies and other reasons but when someone pays $60 and gets 30-40 hours out of the game than on what bases can they even ask for a refund? someone who buys the game and just can't live with the way it is ok get a refund under 10-15 hours of gameplay

we are headed towards a really slippery slope

so can someone get a refund from MS because MS used screen shots from killzone shadow fall on it's facebook page for xbox one? saying those were lies?

believe it or not most if not every company wants to make money and they are not our friends nor they are looking out for us. whatever they can advertise is better for that

halo 5 ads lied

microsoft lied about graphics in xbox s ads

so companies do that and some get away with it for whatever reasons and others are held to a different standard

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Aloren1492d ago

"One has to ask though is it really right to ask for a refund after spending a good 50 hours on it? "

Definitly not, but Hello games "took advantage" of a lot of people in a way, and many of those who are disapointed will not ask for a refund, so it's only fair a few people get to take advantage of the system and ask for a refund even though they spent a lot of time in the game.

dennett3161492d ago

The guy on NeoGaf who refunded after 50 hours spent a lot of time grinding on the early planets. Once he started travelling, the game started crashing more and more frequently. He showed pictures of all the crash notices he had, and it was crashing every 20 minutes or so, losing progress each time.
He's absolutely entitled to a refund. I'd argue that anyone who feels deceived by the marketing of this game is also entitled to a much false advertising, whether that was intentional or not doesn't actually matter, people were sold a game they didn't ultimately get. Up to, and including, the overstatement about the ultimate goal of the game and what's at the centre of the galaxy.
With the game structured as it is, you can spend multiple hours just grinding for elements, artificially inflating the play time. The NeoGaf guy's 50 hours represents probably a few hours of actual progress, the rest taken up by repetitive grind and recovering for crashes. You could put hundreds of hours into this game, and get nowhere near any of the actual goals of the game. It's a false representation of value in this case.

ULTp0ltergeist1492d ago

Stop your bull, blame Sony!!

Without Sony this game would have been your typical PC indie game and would have gradually improved, instead Sean Murray is on Late Night Shows promoting his game?! Sorry but all the hype Sony created is their fault alone forcing developers to make claims they could accomplish but was rushed instead.

1489d ago
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KwietStorm1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Hello Games didn't screw anyone over, and that is where the morality questioning comes in. If you don't *like* the game, fine, take your lumps and move on. The ONLY reason this is a thing, is because of the hype. It's the reason why this game has become and even bigger story than before it released. Nobody was deceived about a damn thing. It's just easier to jump in to the hate and refund crowd now because other people are doing it. It's the way people "think" in this society. Games, sadly, get released "broken" or unfinished on a regular basis these days, but you don't hear anywhere close to this amount of backlash with those, not even with Ubisoft who continually releases games that don't even look how they were presented to us. But because the media turned this game, No Man's Sky, into the second coming, it [apparently] fell short of saving all our souls. You shouldn't demand a refund because you don't like a game, much less because you're told not to like it. I'm sorry but I refuse to believe that this sheer amount of people genuinely all "fell for it," rather than just playing follow the leader.

ClayRules20121493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I agree with you on "Game, sadly, get released broke or unfinished on a regular basis these days, but you don't hear anyone close to this amount of backlash with those, not even with Ubisoft who continually releases games that don't even look like how they were presented to us" Ubisoft have done a lot of lying. From Watch Dogs, Far Cry 4, The Division & Assassin's Creed Unity, they're dirty.

Having said that, I kindly suggest you go look at Angry Joe's review of No Man's Sky, he has plenty of proof showing how they lied & didn't deliver on what they claimed was in the game. They clearly lied =(

Once again, not trying to be disrespectful, I'm just trying to put that out there.

uth111493d ago

The real problem is in our preorder culture. There were many questions about the game before release. If you had any doubts, you should have waited to see how it turned out before buying it.

Redgehammer1493d ago

In a digital world refunds should be standard operating procedure, with caveats, of course.

1493d ago
rainslacker1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I really don't think those asking for refunds amounts to as high a percentage of the actual buyers as most of these articles, or foaming at the mouth detractors are trying to imply. I wouldn't even doubt that it's much more than the normal amount who typically ask for refunds, with some more small percentage of people who are trying to get some money back after playing the game due to the rather unnatural hate that has come to surround this game, and them now thinking they can basically play the game for free.

It's rare we see such disdain for a relatively low key title. Even at the high price, I'd peg it on the same quality scale as any other high profile indie type game....and I've never even seen the super high profile AAA games which barely or hardly work on release ever get so much hate lobbed at it like I've seen from NMS. I mean, even Halo:MCC didn't get this amount of hate. Heck, even DC didn't get this amount of hate. Both games either had broken, or crappy MP at launch, but everyone seemed content that it'd be fixed at some point unless it was for some console war BS. But NMS...the game which wasn't a MP game, not meant to be one, nor meant to deliver a compelling MP experience....."MURRAY LIED!!!!". It's a f*cking hypocritical joke on the part of the people who are reacting this way, and I really think they can't see just how silly they sound.

It's completely unnatural, and I expect for every game going forward, that anyone complaining now, they will also hold their precious MP icon exclusive or multi-plat to the same standard they are holding to NMS....which wasn't even supposed to be a MP game. I've seen a lot of things said in relation to this game, and I'm just waiting for some people to praise another game so I can show them how completely irrational and hypocritical they're being with their diatribes on NMS.

In any case, I'd wager that the vast majority of people who played the game, are even unaware that most of these issues are present. And I'd say it's good that at least someone is trying to keep publishers and devs in line, but in this case, the attacks are so far out there, and based on extreme prejudice for industry practices which seem to go unmentioned in most other games, that the discontent seems disproportionately displaced....particularly when the biggest gripe about MP had Murray stating at the beginning, and even before release, that it wasn't a MP game. He seemed to want to add some MP elements, but even he said directly that that wasn't what the game was about, and he didn't want people thinking of it that way. Every thing he said about the specifics of the MP were when people asked him about if it was going to be more than he already stated, and despite the elaborations which never made it into the final game, he never deviated from the premise that it was not a MP focused game, nor would it be a compelling MP game or that people should expect a meaningful MP experience.

There are certainly things worthy of criticism within the game itself. I can never deny that. And the sooner this whole "he lied" narrative dies or finally gets put to rest, the sooner people can discuss the actual merits of the game for what it's supposed to be. Even the articles or reviews that try to do that, and when people try to do that in the comment section, we can't go without having idiots come in with "MURRAY SHOULD BE FLOGGED!!!!". Haven't ever seen anything like it in the past for anywhere near the duration this has been going on. Week, maybe two at most for other games which are more grievous. I guess this game is special. I'd wager heavily that that reason is because the media is going to play on reactionary knee jerk emotions for all it's worth.

freshslicepizza1493d ago

"I really don't think those asking for refunds amounts to as high a percentage of the actual buyers as most of these articles, or foaming at the mouth detractors are trying to imply. I wouldn't even doubt that it's much more than the normal amount who typically ask for refunds"

you have no idea either way because they would never give that information out. what we do know is there was a 90% drop in sales. which is higher than average.

"It's rare we see such disdain for a relatively low key title."

low key title, is that a joke?

"It's completely unnatural, and I expect for every game going forward, that anyone complaining now, they will also hold their precious MP icon exclusive or multi-plat to the same standard they are holding to NMS"

sean murray gets the full blame here. evasive and misleading right from the start. it is much more than the seeing others in space thing.

"In any case, I'd wager that the vast majority of people who played the game, are even unaware that most of these issues are present."

again you have no idea, just taking wild guesses to try and defuse the flames.

"And the sooner this whole "he lied" narrative dies or finally gets put to rest, the sooner people can discuss the actual merits of the game for what it's supposed to be."

that's the thing, parts of what was promised are not there. do yourself a favor and watch totalbisquits video on it.

mogwaii1492d ago

How do people like not see the hlatant lies that were told?! Or have you not followed the game closely enough to know what was said was in the game? Go and have a look for yourself!
This isnt mass hysteria, this is being pissed off with a straight up lying dev, its as simple as that. No hype machine, no wishful thinking, just lies.

Kombatologist1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )


"Nobody was deceived about a damn thing."

Watch Angry Joe's review for NMS. He hits everything on the nail. There is a lot of things (and I mean A LOT) that were shown to be in the game (some of it just weeks before launch) by Sean Murray that are simply non-existent in the final product. I get that things are subject to change during development, but we're talking about a long list of things that would've made the game significantly better. It was a completely different game. That's why everyone was hyped in the first place. For whatever reason, the game was butchered during development and this is the result.

EDIT: I just noticed that Angry Joe's review was already mentioned by ClayRules2012 (that's what I get for not reading all the comments first). Seriously, watch it.

spicelicka1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

In Ubisoft's case though, at least they revealed the downgraded games before releasing. Watchdogs was heavily downgraded but they did reveal the downgrade during the last stretch of the previews, many people criticized the game but they were able to decide they didn't want to buy the game BEFORE it came out, beyond that the game was disappointing but they didn't lie about any features as far as I know. Assassin's Creed Unity was a broken game however, but it was also slammed, many people did ask for refunds and Ubi offered a free game to make up for that. Whether or not that made up for the broken game is arguable, but in the end they got a lot of backlash, and you can't say NMS should get a pass because Ubisoft games got a pass (which they didn't). In fact all developers should be criticized for releasing broken games.

Refunding a game at 50 hours is quite obviously wrong, but I don't see what's so shocking about that. If people will see an opportunity to get a refund they'll take it. Sony and everyone else knows how people are, they're not stupid and they're definitely not being forced to refund those people. In fact I'm sure they have policies in place to prevent any unreasonable refunds. It's a redundant argument IMO.

cyx1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

100% agree. Finally someone willing to state the truth and not be a follower. A shit ton of AAA titles get away with releasing BROKEN builds eg. AC unity. People just need to get off their high horses and stop being people who just follow the majority's opinion without the capacity to form their own. People also need to realise that theyre just indie devs being published by sony. calling them liars is a bit unfair. You dont know their side or if they were pressured for release behind closed doors or even pressured to present the game in a certain way in order to keep their project from getting scrapped. Features get cut all the time but the game is very new and people are jumping down their throats without waiting for the fixes. Its a big scale of a game bugs and technical glitches are to be expected . HG said IT SEVERAL times they are working on the reported issues. Oh but wait now they pushed off adding features like base building because theyre actually listening and addressing things unlike AAA devs. So people still bitch that they couldnt build bases in the next update even though more important issues were being addressed to benefit the player. Theres 7 updates , that shows you that they are trying to cater to everyone but of corse its never good enough. You guys are acting like sean murray got off to the thought of lying and is some sort of pathelogical liar. People are just too much sometimes and also very irrational

Kombatologist1492d ago


Stop giving devs (indie or otherwise) free passes. This goes way beyond game bugs and technical glitches. Half the game they promised (and SHOWED to people) is missing entirely. If you're still in denial, read this:

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fanboysmackdown1493d ago

It's called buyer beware. Do the research and read reviews before buying and if not......too bad sucker.

Horseheadinthebed1493d ago

He has a point....I gave in to an urge and pre ordered (£36 at the time) I managed to sell it for roughly the same price a week after getting it. If I had waited for the reviews and general consensus on the game , would I have bought it ? Doubtful.....

mogwaii1492d ago

I did the research, followed the game and all its updates and information from the man making the game, there were no reviews to be read until after the game came out. Thats when we found out first hand that most of the biggest features said to be in This game were nowhere to be seen. This is justice and i hope it sinks hello games.

andibandit1492d ago

yeah sure, thats always sound advice, but putting "all" liabillity with the customer, simply wouldn't work.

Urzusix1493d ago

What marketing? I've watched every video and you can do everything explained in them videos. countless times Hello Games said that people shouldn't get carried away

Orionsangel1493d ago

I pretty much agree. Developers should be held accountable for false advertising. If Sean Murray is to be held as an example of this practice. Then so be it. Maybe developers and those in charge of marketing will learn a harsh lesson.

rainslacker1493d ago

Then file a lawsuit and show the publishers they can't do such things. The impetus will be on you to show that he actually lied, and falsely marketed the game. Let the courts decide, then we can put this whole discussion to rest.

Wouldn't that be more productive than spending weeks saying how he lied in such hyperbolic fashion on the internet? When has that ever achieved anything, since it's not uncommon for publisher to misrepresent their games, and people complain about them, then either give them a pass or forget about them except when they want to make more hyperbolic statements about how screwed up the gaming industry and how complacent gamers are in general.

If you think it's false advertising, then go do something about it, and stop expecting others to fix the problem for you or hoping that they'll believe you simply because you say it's true.

For every interview where Murray speaks of MP, I can show you much more in depth interviews where he says it's nowhere near a primary focus, and that players shouldn't be buying the game if they want that kind of experience. He's been saying that since the game was revealed with a lot more fervor than 3-4 interviews with some vague mentions of MP, or what one could do within that MP. But no one will admit those things exist, and I'd wager that most people didn't even know he said those things, or even that he talked that much about MP in general, until this whole hate train flared up. Now that they think he lied about everything(75% of the content according to someone above), they are enraged and acting pretty damn self-righteous as if they were somehow well versed on what this game would be on release.

But please, go teach that harsh lesson. Then teach it to every other publisher or dev who releases a game that doesn't have every single feature that was promised, or was misrepresented in some way. No more free passes. I'll be sure to add you to my list of people who I say how any game they like didn't deliver in some way, and how you're giving it a free pass and being hypocritical for having different standards for different games.

Muzikguy1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I own the game and like it. I wasn't keeping up on leaked info though or anything. I do think that many companies are pushing the envelope with lying to consumers though. It shouldn't be tolerated and I'd like to see more refunds, not necessarily with just NMS. This way it'll stop (hopefully)

sampson31211493d ago

75%? where did you get that number? please show us .

Trash_Report1493d ago

People should read the reviews before they buy, just like anything else in life.

Sm00thNinja1493d ago

People will stop playing long before even .1 percent of everything has been discovered,” Murray reflected. This quote.... oh murray you dog you KNEW. I love No Mans Sky but this man isnt defendable the lies he told were so extreme in some cases

RabbitFly1492d ago

He said that because every planet in No Man's Sky is procedurally generated. And with the variables Hello Games used they had the potential 18 quintillion or so combinations of planets.

The people that thought that meant 18 quintillion vastly different planets clearly don't understand how procedural generation work. Basically if you have 2 identical planets and you change 1 thing, 1 tiny thing, on one of them. You effectively have 2 different variations.

There is a guarantee that less than .1 percent of the game has been discovered. Just not the parts you apparently care about.

This game was marketed as a Pokemon Snap with endless mode. The people that believed it was going to be a lot more than what it is, should blame themselves for creating fantasies in their heads.

rainslacker1493d ago

I question the morality of exaggerating the percentages of deceptive marketing to try and make one's hyperbole look valid.

Yahdaree1493d ago

It's a good game that I played until I got the platinum. MOST of the people wanting refunds are scumbags.

kevinsheeks1492d ago

but the company that lied for years is not?

MagicBeanz1493d ago

Claiming 75% is a lie without proving they were actual lies is hyperbole. And maybe its less lies and more hope and ambition, shame on him for having that, right?

And if we are going to get refunds for this game do to disappointment then why dont we get refunds for all the games that have turned out "disappointing", how come its just this game that has been placed under a huge microscope for some reason. Many devs make promises and dont keep them, many games are disappointing in the end, why does everyone feel the need to focus their hate campaign on this one game?

Overload1493d ago

This isn't about the game being disappointing. They lied about most of the experiences that would take place and replaced it with pretty much just mining rocks endlessly. Big difference.

For starters

- planetary physics
- ship classes with meaningful differentiation
- faction reputation with meaningful gameplay impact
- homogenous resource availability
- space station and fleet destruction
- large fleets
- traveling freighters
- large scale battles the player can join
- in-atmosphere battles
- NPCs outside trading posts and other docks
- ringed planets
- sand planets
- flying between stars (as opposed to warping via the Galactic interface)
-complex creature behaviour including environmental interaction
- points of interest such as large structures and crashed freighters
- hacking locked doors
- interaction with other players

Just watch any interview with him, in retrospect it's basically just a bunch of lies.

People defending this are embarrassing themselves.

Rude-ro1492d ago

When was "75%" of your list promised?
I had followed this game from day one and I have never seen all of these promises.
In atmosphere battles? He has said from the get go that fighting within the planet will not be welcomed. You could shoot things but the more negative you are the more will most likely not live.
I think there is a lot of hype in you list.
In the last year with all the hands on videos, never heard one of the things on your list be promised outside of multiplayer but from gathering what Sean said about multiplayer, I was not expecting it at all.

MagicBeanz1493d ago

And people bitching and asking for refunds cause planets dont have rings and you cant hack locked doors is pretty embarrassing too. I forgot though the gaming community is filled with ungrateful self entitled spoiled little brats. By the way, read a review before buying a game, its pretty simple. And if you dont then take responsibility for your purchase.

gigoran1492d ago

in that case they should have been returned right away, not after naming dozens of planets, getting to the center, and a playtime of 40+ hours. that is robbery. call people liars if you want, doesnt change the fact you are a thief

Artemidorus1492d ago

No Man's Sky Defence Team will be out in force soon.

Should of changed the title to Big Fat Lie

MagicBeanz1492d ago

Well there has to be someone to defend against the No Mans Sky attack squad. And that name can go to a lot of games, many I'm sure you've owned and gave a pass to for whatever reason.

Artemidorus1492d ago

Doesn't have to be when many are in agreement it's boring and misleading.

Circuitburnout1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Umm What lies? Did you read the article at all? He's not even talking about game features.

MagicBeanz1492d ago

Just go with it, it makes them feel better to make up things and then claim he lied about it.

Artemidorus1492d ago

But the discussion is about No Mans Lie, full of missing features and very boring.

RabbitFly1492d ago

I am sorry, but I just reread that article/interview and it features almost no talk about actual gameplay, in fact it is mostly a rehash of much older interviews. And the few gameplay aspects that do get talked about is multiplayer, which Sean says is unlikely to happen.

The only outright lie in it is that the planets orbit the sun, which has pretty much Zero impact on gameplay. Why the planets aren't orbitting a sun I don't know, but you people are overreacting.

And no it is not right to ask for a refund after you have spent 30+ hours on a game. Most AAA games today run sub 10 hours, now all of a sudden you want return a game that gave you 30+ hours of enjoyment?

Is the game a game of the year contender? Not at all, but if you expected it to be that - then thats on you. The hype machine that everyone is complaining about was created by your own fantisies, not Sean Murrays shy talking points.

Artemidorus1492d ago

So being mislead is ok, you should buy EA and Ubisoft products, full of downgrades but it's ok for you because it doesn't effect the gameplay.

RabbitFly1491d ago

Again. Nothing in that article is misleading when it comes to gameplay features. The fact that you guys seem to think that it does, tells me that you guys have bought into the hype and aren't actually reading/listening to what Sean was saying.

And you should only buy the games you want to play, and if you are so afraid for downgrades then stop preordering and by after release. However you guys should really stop expecting games to be identical to vertical slices shown 2-3 years before a game is released. This 100% never happens. A game is never identical to a vertical slice because a vertical slice is not fully "designed" it is simply put together to show the general idea for the game. A lot of things change under development, it always does.

Take Borderlands f. ex, it was initially showed off as a hyper-realistic, dark, diablo-esque, sci-fi shooter. However at some point during development they decided that the game needed levity and decided to not just change the tone of the game and art style, but even the rendering. Which is why we ended up with the cartoony cel-shaded game we have today.

You might say - "well they made the right decision", but just because you liked the end product doesn't change the fact that they changed something major about the game. I personally never got over the fact that they changed the direction for that game, but I wont stand in the street crying bloody murder just because they decided to do something I did not agree with. They can make any decision they feel is right. That is their prerogative.

Phunkydiabetic11492d ago

Oh come on. Settle down man. Your extreme neckbeard showing and it is incredibly embarrassing. Pathetic even.

1489d ago
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YinYangGaming1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Obvs there will be those that just aim to get their money back even if they have already played a lot of the game but come on, if anything is to be questioned then why isn't he questioning Sean Murray, Hello Games and all the misdirection? They've gone silent since launch, can't blame people for getting refunds

BattleAxe1493d ago

Not only that, but perhaps it would be interesting to get his take on how Sony or any other publisher/developer takes morality into consideration when they are in the board room, putting their pricing schemes together for their games, DLC & micro-transactions. I'm sure that morality is right at the top of the list for corporate executives.....

TC7311492d ago


You seem like the kind of person who would blame the victim in a murder.

Phunkydiabetic11492d ago

You do realize no one is FORCING you to buy those DLC's and micro transactions right? You realize this right?

I hope you can fathom that these aren't necessary things to your daily life. They aren't jacking up the prices of bread and milk. They didn't just increase the price of a life saving medication. It is a VIDEOGAME. Geez, I wonder where the world could be if you whiny neckbeards focused all your negative energy into something positive.

rainslacker1493d ago

He tried to respond to some things. but people wouldn't even consider what he said. He said much of what he said before the game released, but people choose to ignore that to focus on what was said that fits into their own narrative. At some point, he just has to stop responding, because it won't do anything but incite more discontent.

This is why most devs and pubs do not engage with the community, and why they are handled through PR managers for any official comment. Even most Twitter accounts go through PR before anything is released.

This hostile environment we make for devs, is the reason they avoid the community as much as possible except in closed environments. If people had complaints, and actually gave him the opportunity to respond, and an actual discussion came forth from it without all this blatant irrational hatred, then an actual civil discussion may have been possible.

but since it's gone beyond the irrational and into the downright stupid phase of knee jerk, how could he possibly respond that would satisfy anyone. Even if he apologized, or made amends, I doubt anyone complaining in these forums would give him a break.

Every aspect of this whole "he lied" thing has gone from a somewhat rational analysis of something missing which was stated would be there....even though it was also said that it wouldn't be the most extreme examples of changes made not living up to what is shown so the game is almost completely different than what HG marketed it as, and the levels of exaggeration and hyperbole have been so greatly exaggerated, it's getting harder and harder to discern what is a valid criticism or example of potential misrepresentation, and what is just people making crap up.....the latter of which often gets disproved some short time later. Go figure. People are making sh*t up, but no one is holding them accountable for their lies.

1492d ago
cash_longfellow1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I was sitting in Sony live chat waiting for a rep for about ten minutes...then I decided against asking for a refund. I got a decent play time, and it really is my fault for getting it on launch. This was the first, and probably the last time I will be buying digital on a full retail release. With physical, at least I could have gotten trade-in value, and not felt bad about it. Lesson learned.

Overload1493d ago

If anyone should be taught a lesson, it's Hello Games, not you.

This isn't just a "it's not for you" situation. They straight up lied to everyone about the game just a few months ago. It's called false advertising and it's not your fault.

subtenko1493d ago

exactly what did they lie about? Im still trying to figure out this one, noone says what they lied about they just say they lied. about wut? Ive only heard 1 example and thats the fact that you cant see the other player BUT that was due to a bug. So what is the so called lie? They certainly didnt say it was an MMO...

phantomexe1493d ago

Your full of it overload. It's not someone else falt you didn't take the time to research.

Overload1493d ago

Subtenko, read this interview.

Most of it is lies.

phantomexe1493d ago

Subtenko it's really kind of funny. People expected full on mutiplayer. So hello game after years of talking about this game people still expected mutiplayer. A video got passed around that wasn't being objective in what was being said even tho anyone who had been following the game new he was talking about the mutiplayer experiences of games like bloodborn, journey or dark souls. There some people that don't like the game for real reasons as hello games had said this game isn't for everone. Guys like overload here are bandwagoners. There trolls who ignore researching things. The game had some bug issues but most people i think expected it would. What's really interesting is when it came out on pc. The pc players that were whinning spilled over into the ps4 crowd. You can see where this is headed.