Pocket Lint: HP Pavilion tx2130ea tablet PC review

Pocket-Lint writes: "When you think about tablet PCs, it's more than likely you'll think of a business tool. However, HP has taken a slightly different approach with the Pavilion tx2130ea and aimed it at the consumer market. By reducing the price to a more than affordable £699 and selling it through stores such as PC World it can reach a far wider audience.

The main difference between this device and HP's more expensive, business-focused tablets is the technology used in the screen. Instead of opting for the more expensive digitised panel, where you need a digital pen to activate the screen, the Pavilion tx2130ea uses a capacitive touchscreen display. This means you can use the supplied stylus or your finger to navigate around the screen."

The good:

+Good keyboard

The bad:

-Standard battery life poor
-Few extras

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