PS3 demand cools as retailers see returns, slow sales

Gamepro recently had an opportunity to speak with an unnamed GameStop employee who indicated that the PlayStation 3 isn't in nearly as short of supply as first thought.

"We have lots [of PS3s]. So does everybody else," said the employee, referring to other GameStop stores. He explained that Nintendo's Wii console was sold out nearly everywhere, and Nintendo is having difficulties meeting the explosive demand for the system. The GameStop in question had been receiving Wii shipments every week, according to the employee, but lately the shipments have shifted to bi-weekly with only a handful of consoles -- four, in the case of his store.

The employee explained that the PS3 has seen a large number of returns since its November launch, mostly due to customers failing to attain huge resale rates for the consoles on eBay auctions.

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specialguest5231d ago

you know i read about these available PS3s, but i have not found one at my local retail store yet. i suppose these returned or stacks of PS3s are not as wide spread as it would seem.

DJ5231d ago (Edited 5231d ago )

So I'm not sure where these stories are coming from. PS3 is still f'ing hard to find. Maybe Enforcer was on to something... It's like these stories are either very isolated incidents or being completely made up.

" The ArsTechnica source also mentions that his retailer's vice president has asked all managers to place prominent notes advertising the fact that the stores have PS3s in stock."

Don't know who the hell this 'source' is, and there's no way that a single photo of a line sheet of paper taped to a pole is supposed to be unquestionable 'proof'. That's just too much to ask.

BIadestarX5231d ago

Having a hard time finding your PS3? Don't wait. Here I just checked (first site I tried).

You see I don't hate PS3 fanboys, now run and get yourself one. They have 4 used one too.

power of Green 5231d ago

Game crazzy and EB have them in stock at all times also; My buddies a manager for one of the EB stores.

power of Green 5231d ago (Edited 5231d ago )

They can't get rid of them IN JAPAN!!!... lots of laughs.

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The story is too old to be commented.