PS Plus September 2016 Will Feature The Same 2 Games Lineup For PS3, PS4 And Vita

If you were hoping for more games to be added to PS Plus after the price increase, you will be disappointed.

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Null19802593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Sounds good to me. I still have and use all 3 systems.

It's the quality, not the quantity that needs to improve.

Hoffmann2593d ago

Same here.

Lol@ at the guys that only have the PS4 and complain every month.

RookieMonsterLives2593d ago

I only have a PS4 so I am not that worry about still only getting two games per month for it but it will be disapointing if Sony don't improve on the quality of PS Plus titles from now on after the $10 increase.

hells_supernova2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Edit. I did not expect to see the number of games increase hoping the quality of titles to however.

LexHazard792593d ago

Sad really because you only really get 2 games a month if you dont have ps3 or vita.

Eonjay2593d ago

No one asked for more games. We just want higher quality.

bradfh2593d ago

I just want Sony to let me play the game I paid full price for that I can go online with or a small fee, sucks for people that just want to play online has to pay $60 or $70 like me in Canada.

UltimateMaster2593d ago

You actually think the quality will increase? It won't.
Back on the PS3 days and early days of the PS4. The PS+ Install base was small, less than 8 million.
Yet, they were able to get top quality games. Now their at 20 million and all we get is shovelware...
Xbox Live's free game are also shovelware.

RomanPSX2593d ago

Why do i need a ps3 when i have a ps4 and xbox one. And for last gen i have a 360 which is a better console.

2593d ago
UltimateMaster2592d ago

Xbox charged for online gaming since day 1.
PlayStation had 2 generations of free online multi-player.
Xbox Gold gives 4 free games, PlayStation gives 6.
PlayStation has passionate gaming studios, Microsoft has game franchises. Very different business models.
PlayStation truly cares about gaming and nobody can deny that.

If you tough I'd be swayed over to Xbox's meager offering? You're wrong.
I just think that ALL online multi-player gaming should be free.

2588d ago
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OB1Biker2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

And so do I. Im not sure who on Earth expected more games than the already good number offered every month . quality > quantity.
For that matter seem Europe already had that increase last year and the US is just catching up.

lelo2play2593d ago

Unfortunately PS+ lacks in quality and quantity.

Kribwalker2593d ago

Well you get 4 games a month on Xbox one (2 360, 2 Xbox one) so I could see people asking for more games

Kingthrash3602593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

An xbox1 game is an xbox1 game.
A xbox 360 game is a xbox 360 game.
You get 2 and 2.
You can play the Xbox 360 games through BC sure but in the end you get 2 360 games and 2 xbo game.....some of the games are repeats.
OT tho, I'd hope for better games over more. I'm sure we won't get better AND more games.

SilverDemon2593d ago

ps plus offer 6 games every month while xbox gold offer 4
playstation always offer more quantity. lets hpe with price increase we'll see quality as well

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rainslacker2593d ago

Title made me think that they were going to offer up 2 cross play games across all the platforms, and that was it. this is just saying that they'd still have the same number of games for each platform going forward.

Biggest question is, is will the caliber of the games be increased, or will it be more of the less than stellar line up they've offered up most months.

Deadpooled2593d ago

I assume people would be annoyed if the same kind of quality of games were offered after the price increase. Personally I have a very cheap 1 year sub saved up from months ago to be used in November but if the quality of games does not increase I might hold off or sell the sub for an easy profit.

S2Killinit2593d ago

I cant even keep up with playing the two free games i get every month.

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butchertroll2593d ago

Quote from article :

Sony has recently increased the price of a PS Plus subscription from its regular yearly price of $49.99 to $59.99 per year. This price increase is effective since August 23rd and it will be applicable to North America and Canada only.


August 23?
Why lying, Gearnuke?

2588d ago
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Herbalistic2593d ago

I don't even play online games that much so i'm just going to let my sub run out

sampson31212593d ago

some people mean it. sony will see, especially in Canada. $20 more for the year, $12 more for three months.

unless they have a good line up for september, i won't be wasting my money either. I'll buy exclusives for my ps4 ( they don't make multiplat games anymore any ways) and I'll take my money and invest in a pc .

Takwin2593d ago

I'm with these people now. I have not played a single online game since my launch PS4, and on my shelf sits 18 games, plus a PS+ membership since launch. I bought PS+ *strictly* for the games value, and that has decreased.

TKCMuzzer2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Eh, I think your are just trying to get involved. You haven't played an online game since launch, yet you comment on the value of PS+. I would like to point out if you don't play your games then you are not getting any value at all whether you pay for PS+ or not. I swear people just comment for the sake of it. If I didn't play online I probably wouldn't have PS+.
Your like someone who pays for Sky sports and then doesn't watch the sports channels but moans about the price.

It's like people only buy PS+ hoping to get AAA games cheaply because they can't be bothered shelling out full price for them.

You have bought 18 games you do not play and yet you are moaning about PS+, not about the amount of money you have wasted on 18 games. Gamers.......

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Yui_Suzumiya2593d ago

Well I don't have Internet right now so yeah, lol .. adding to that, I only had PS Plus one time for 3 months.. I don't really do mp too much..

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LexHazard792593d ago

Are you really or just thinking about it?

ebounce882593d ago

Same. Everything lately I play online for Xbox one like overwatch, halo. The show is getting stale, which is usually the case when madden drops

Artemidorus2593d ago

I cancelled mine got a month left just get discounted codes instead.

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Silly gameAr2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Who was thinking there would be more games added? I haven't seen any articles or complaints about how many games we get or if there will be an increase. This blog must be trying to create a problem where there is none, like most of these game blogs on N4G unfortunately.