Crashing The System Shock Reboot

I was really into the System Shock demo. Even without the benefit of super nostalgia senses the game looked really promising, then it crashed, a lot.

garyanderson2854d ago

In was super excited for this, but now not so much.

Dixiedevil2853d ago

So WTF is up with this website and this post for that matter? The game doesn't crash at all in the video. It lags a couple times. It couldn't possibly be your PC, right? Seeing as there's been multiple articles from this site crapping on this game from the start of the kickstarter campaign, it makes me think there's a little more going on.
This garyanderson dude that commented. "In was super excited for this, but now not so much."......really? (I posted it here in case he deletes it.) Where you really excited but now you're not? Why is every single one of your comments on a cliqist.com post from gregmicek? I see you're a contributor as well. Weird. Everything you contributed was from cliqist.com. What a POS dishonest website with POS dishonest people.

Lamboomington2853d ago

Jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams

2853d ago
Dixiedevil2853d ago

Actually, it does. Enough to weaken them, at least. Maybe I can make multiple accounts so I can down vote this twice and leave another comment like cliqist.com

Matology2853d ago

Done by the devs who rebooted Turok, and that turned out well. So I have a good feeling this will be spot on.

Fist4achin2853d ago

Still too early to be bothered by the buggy aspects. I'm still excited for this!

quent2853d ago

I myself could also not finnish the demo, crashing multiple times at the same point, but I've watch a lot of YT's who's demos ran fine, I won't be writing off a remake of such a influential series of games just because of one little 10 min demo I wasn't able to finnish, the main game is still two years away from being release, your judgment of the game seems extremely premature.


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mastershredder30d ago

It was remade last year for PC , Now released and OPTIMIZED and PORTED for/to Xbox and PS5, not “remade” just for consoles.

“it follows a critically acclaimed release on PC back in 2023” that’s because it’s the same work/game. it’s not following/follow up or a continuation. Author Sounds like they are taking a stab at an article and don’t know the product-line lineage and release history/ hierarchy they are attempting to inform you about.

More appropriately: System Shock was first rereleased in 2023 on PC, System shock is now available on PS5 and Xbox.