Pocket Lint: Olympus Mju 1010 digital camera review

Pocket Lint: writes: "The Olympus Mju 1010 is a 10-megapixel snapper with a 7x optical zoom, an all-weather case, and enough in-camera tech to keep you busy rattling off all the features for some time, but does it take good pictures? We spend some time snapping to find out.

Larger than your average compact, the Mju 1010 is simple in its design and operation. The front is dominated by a large lens that gives you a range of 37-260mm in old camera money. It would have been nice to have a wider angle at the lower end, but then that zoom does come in handy."

The good:

+7x optical zoom
+Shadow Adjustment technology

The bad:
-Images are soft
-Guide won't help you learn

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