Audiosurf - 6 Racy New Achievements Rock Out

Keeping with the Steam concept, Games On has also just received word that indie music-racer Audiosurf has received not one, but six new achievements, to further enhance your gaming experience.

You'll now be rewarded with a cleverly-named prize for things like dethroning a friend from a global scoreboard, beating a friend's score within quarter of an hour, collecting a 24-block match, or filling all columns within 15 seconds with no greys and no matches!

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LeonSKennedy4Life4316d ago

I saw the reviews for Audiosurf and decided to get it without playing the demo.

I was very disappointed though. People say it's got a rhythm and basis to it...which it does...but the notes go much too fast to even consider it a real method. I don't understand all the high scores.

Lord_Ash4316d ago

I love this game I just hope they would release it on the PSP it would make an excellent portable game even an IPhone game would do.