Is the Xbox 360 price cut enough to go after the Wii?

With the new Xbox 360 price cut official what does this actually mean for gamers? Just like the discussion we did with Sony's PS3 price cuts and hardware refresh, we like to play devils advocate again and discuss the flip side of the coin and what a price cut actually translates to gamers.

Microsoft has indicated their desire to go after and take a piece of Nintendo Wii's market share. That is why Microsoft has focused so much resource on the social aspects to Xbox Live such as the new Mii-like avatars and the Nintendo like channels in the new dashboard.

It makes sense, if you want to go after a target audience you have to emulate what the successful competitor is doing. With the new Xbox 360 Arcade priced below.....

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dktxx24321d ago

We don't even know if the price cut will help keep the ps3 at bay, so it going against the Wii is a big big IF.

mikeslemonade4320d ago

Right now it's only the core that is at that price point and not many people will be content on buying the core when they know the 60gb or maybe the elite is better.

ReBurn4320d ago

That $199 SKU isn't aimed at people who weigh the advantages of a hard drive in gaming. It is most definitely aimed at people who are buying gifts and people who occasionally play for fun. I think it is a direct shot at the Wii market, especially when combined with the new dashboard this fall.

lsujester4320d ago

No matter how cheap they put the 360, they're still not going to surpass the Wii with this. Most of the people buying Wii's could really care less about the 360, it's a whole different market.

However, it will probably be a big boost to get them back to outselling Sony, at least short-term.

FantasyStar4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

I'd have to disagree. The reason people buy Wiis is because it's "cheap entertainment". The 360 has the power and support to back up its system. Once the casual market catches on, they'll move up to the 360. The Motion-Control fad is dying and people are starting to realize that the Wii has crap games and crap support, compared to the 360. Casual gamers may be casual by definition, but they're as content as picking up the latest tech just as much as anyone else.

mikeslemonade4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

I think the Arcade will draw more gamers who already own the Wii or the PS3. The casual audience who are buying the Wii right now aren't going to be content on buying a lower sku of something. They rather just buy the Wii which comes with everything and you don't really need to buy too many accessories. Even though the Arcade is already well suited to basically play almost everything, pyschologically a casual consumer doesn't like to get a gimped sku regardless if he is going to use all those functions.

JoySticksFTW4320d ago

That's what I'm waiting on. That stigma of Xbox360 having faulty hardware is still alive for some people, and may lessen the effects that a price cut could bring.

Does anyone know when the Jasper boards are supposed to hit? Last I heard is they are supposed to premier this month.

Ital50Stal4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Ive worked at a Best Buy in the gaming department and most parents had no idea what a Wii is but did know it was the cheapest new console on the market (and all the hype around it n their kids begging for it).
With 360 being about 60-70 bucks (canadian) less, I think its going to sell its self. The Graphics the 360 is offering at this new price is insane and nobody can knock microsoft anymore about the red rings because you dont see it anymore in retail unless the system is a few years old (even our demo units never got Red Rings and they were on 24/7 with hardly any extra venting and FILLED with dust). I dont see them smoking the Wii overnight but it eventually will happen unless the Wii also drops in price or comes out with non-mario titles and or good games.

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InfiniteUnfloppery4321d ago

I'm confident Consumers will avoid the $199 Flop

SpecialSauce4320d ago

to go after the PS3 first.

morganfell4320d ago

The 360 can't get past number 17 on It moved to 17 and has begun to fall back.

Meanwhile the PS3 has now moved to number 5 and has been ahead of the Wii for a week. In short, no. The 360 can't catch the PS3 or the Wii. Say goodbye to the 360 last gen machine.

Gaystation 34320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

Look at morganfail, always talking about amazon best sellers and always failing (there's that word again) to mention Amazon accounts for about 1% of all console sales in the US.

morganfail at Joystiq
morganfail at Edge Online
morganfail at PS3 Fanboy
morganfail at thatgamingsite
morganfail at engadget
morganfail at N4G

morganfails at everything, even life itself!

morganfell4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

You are one of those same people that trash talked in July about my quoting Amazon as a US sales gauge and then when the July figures came out in August people like you were absent from the forum. I called it repeatedly and I am calling it again. Amazon is a sales barometer and you just can't stand the fact the 360 is getting it's collective ass handed to it.

Keep attacking me dirtbag. Guess what? The 360 is still going down like a whore at the docks on military payday with a mattress strapped to her back waiting on the 7th Fleet to come in. Already the sales cut peaked at Amazon and now the 360 models are beginning to RROD right back down the list on a collision course with last place.

Want to see real failure? The 360. If it were a man it wold be a poor lover. Hell out of the gate, crappy performance and no staying power for the long run despite all sorts of help. Since you support the 360 so much there must be a commonality there. Someone so wrapped up in angst over losing they pick a gamertag based upon the hate for a console that is thumping their fanboy buttocks is a prime example of a 3 dimensional loser.

Ha ha, people like you are a joke. Just like Microsoft you can't take a stance on what the 360 is but instead resort to the inferior loser tactic of always espousing what you claim the competition isn't. If you had a real next gen console then you would have called yourself something with 360 in the name and been beating the drum of it's strength. But in the next gen console you are peewee herman trying to go up against an M1 tank.

Just like your 360 you are a loser and no amount of adolescent screaming and prepubescent displays of sophomoric idiocy will change that. Ha ha asshole. And sense your posts are nothing more than so much drivel, meet my ignore button moron.

Gaystation 34320d ago

Wow, that has to be the biggest post of fail in the history of N4G!

Not even juuken could read that crap and conclude you are anything but a braindead sycophant!

Try again!

Kenny_Roger4320d ago

you wrote an article just to show us how $tupid droid can be
sorry buddy but ,you fail and keep your BS for your self

4320d ago
morganfell4320d ago

Ha ha the PS3 is outselling the Wii at number 5 and that worthless 360 has dropped from 17 to 26 in a matter or hours. Goodbye losers!

Dyingduck4320d ago

Their console is dying, and the price cut is just another way to spell,

M$ had abandon the Crapbox360 as it did with the original Sh!tbox

They lose almost 2 billions in RROD warranty program, they lost 4 billions to the Sh!tbox alone - hence they need to charge their lemming so much $$$ - haha dumba$$ lemmings don't even see their wallets get suck dry

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InfiniteUnfloppery4321d ago

After the Ninja Gaiden,Too Human,and Infinite Undiscovery Flops,the American Gaming Market are now investing their hard earned Money into PLAYSTATION® Products.

rebirthofcaos4321d ago

HELL NO¡¡¡¡ after incontable flops (insert OS here), Lame hardware (rrod 360) only an idiot could buy a 360 over a wi.(IM A PS3FANBOY)

InfiniteUnfloppery4321d ago

With enough time,I strongly believe the Xbox 360 Console will be inducted into the Guiness Book Of World Records as the Astronomical Flop of the Century