GRAW 2: Hands-on Preview

The year 2006 was unprecedented for Ubisoft's Tom Clancy series. Next-gen gamers, specifically Xbox 360 gamers, received three great iterations of Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six. With each game advancing in gameplay, tactics, and graphics, it's also become clear to this reporter that the Clancy games are becoming closer in play than they originally started out. What exactly is that separates Ghost Recon from Rainbow Six?

It's a good question, one that Ubisoft's Paris, France, and Red Storm teams will answer with Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For those who missed Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 last March, Ubisoft's game revamped the Ghost Recon series with functional high-tech gadgetry, gorgeous graphics, and substantial 16-person multiplayer and co-op play. It was nearly a year ago, but GRAW shined mightily because it exemplified Ubisoft's drive to due away with the clunky mission-story-mission-story formula, and replace it with seamlessly blended real-time cutscenes that remained continuous throughout the game. Gamers actually felt like they were part of the landscape, the mission and the team in a way that wasn't possible on previous-gen systems. GRAW also changed gameplay tactics by adding the cross-com, slimming down the team, changing environments by heading into Mexico City for a more urban assault.

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drewdrakes5235d ago

Well, these graphics look fantastic. We have reached the pinnacle of graphics. So its all going to come down to innovation.

SimmoUK5235d ago (Edited 5235d ago )

The pinnacle of graphics is killzone 2, this is a nice fill gap...

Marriot VP5235d ago


I'm interested in Killzone 2. Can you tell me where you have seen any gameplay or gameplay pictures and not their 100% CGI trailer?

If you haven't I see NO PROOF to believe that Killzone will be graphically amazing.

PS360PCROCKS5235d ago

wow your lame go find a killzone chat board and talk their this is about Graw 2 did you miss that in the heading? I'm not saying whether Killzone will be great or bad but you like paul said have no evidence to back such a bold claim...anyways this is most definetly not the "pinnacle of graphics" your talking a year old system never getting better? If in one year that can make such a marked improvement on a previous game than its apparent this is not the pinnacle...this game looks utterly fabulous, this is a huge improvement over last year, shadows, detail, explosions, action it's all improved, I am definetly looking forward to this game now...also tho remember Ubisoft made some claims about GOW so they NEED to show something graphically and gameplay wise that can capture you the way that game does...but they most definetly are on the right track, right on Ubisoft! Oh and pinnacle of graphics, they'll always improve till theirs new systems you will never see the pinnacle...well not soon, but at some point in time someone needs to come out and say when is realistic to realistic? Lifelike is one thing, but realism is another, if games become to realistic, it might just make children and young adults too prone to violence. I know I sound like a parent, but at some point their does need to be a ceiling on what games should and can reach.

THAMMER15235d ago (Edited 5235d ago )

It would improve the quality of this site. I have been in some pointless arguments with the most popular PS3 brick heads here and it has been fruitless. No matter how wrong or delusional they are you can not change their minds. It has become very old and tiring. And if we keep it up we will not stand out as positive members of this site. Let them play them self’s out.

On topic: G.R.A.W. 2 will be awesome no matter how you get your hands on it. If the frame rate sucks you will have to deal with that purchase and when this game is out we can then beat the idiots over the head.

DID you look at the picks OMG this game is on the level of GEARS of war. But it will be more tactical and realistic. I hope they can push 60fps. BRING it on.

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The story is too old to be commented.