UGO: Nyko Zero Wireless Review

UGO writes: "Sony's rumble-equipped DUALSHOCK 3 controller has finally been unleashed - officially, anyway - in North America. If you've read our review then you already know that we're none too impressed. While PlayStation 3 owners do have another option, in the form of Nyko's third-party Zero Wireless controller, there's not much solace to be had. The slightly cheaper gamepad somehow pales in comparison to the oft-panned basic design of Sony's gamepads.

The Zero Wireless is a boomerang-shaped gamepad with pointless metal plating on its face and backlit buttons for added effect. The controller is comfortable enough to hold, with the analog triggers in particular having a far more natural feel than they do on the DUALSHOCK 3 and the SIXAXIS before it. The rumble is good and solid too, not surprising for such a beefy controller."

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Jamegohanssj53691d ago

I like the concept of the controller. I'm pretty sure it catches everyone's eye, but when you see that USB thing you turn your head. I was thinking about buying this at one point, but since I have to order it online, then I will pass. I'm sure it will make some one happy though.


Cajun Chicken3691d ago

My god. That looks dreadful.