UGO: Nyko Nunchuck Review

UGO writes: "Wires are the absolute bane of my technological existence. I'd buy wireless wires if I could. So any gadget that promises to deliver what another one can without a tangled mess of cords and jacks gets an automatic gold star in my book. The Wii already does a commendable job in that department with their complete absence of a wired Wiimote but then they go ahead and screw up a good thing by making all the nunchucks wired.

That's where Nyko steps in to pick up the slack. This California-based manufacturer has been making some quality, convenient video gaming peripherals since 1995 and they have another winner here (literally, because it won the Best in Gaming award at CES this January). Their Kama is a wireless nunchuck that's compatible with all Wii videogames. It's a plug-and-play that syncs via a small dongle you connect to the bottom of your Wiimote. Once hooked up, you have a three-meter range and 30 hours of play on two included AAA batteries. It also comes with a wrist strap for any of you overzealous gamers."

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