UGO: Motorola S9 Bluetooth Active Headphones Review

UGO writes: "Lately it's common to see cell phones that do double duty as MP3 players so Bluetooth headsets that also serve as headphones are finding a comfortable niche in the market as well. Motorola's MotoROKR line of cell phones is one such example of a phone/music player hybrid that gets its own branded headset in the S9 Active Headphones.

The S9 is Motorola's only pair of Bluetooth compatible headphones. They're made from lightweight plastic and rubber in a behind-the-head style with a sporty water and sweat resistant design, which explains why they're referred to as "active." They integrate both a wireless headset and music player, and switch seamlessly between functions either with a press of a button or automatically (the music stops the instant you receive an incoming call)."

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