The Hunter: Animal Killing MMO

GameXtract writes "Remember Avalanche studios, the team that brought Just Cause? Well turns out they departed from the action genre, and entered a more…simulated experience with emote games. They have turned their attention to a new title they are developing known as The Hunter. I know, it sounds really epic! Not only that, but you won't believe what you can do in this game. You can kill animals! Not just in any ordinary gamer fashion, but in a realistic simulation! This is the greatest thing ever!….Alright, let me stop the sarcasm.

They themselves describe this to be "The most realistic hunting game online." Then again I start to wonder exactly how much competition do they really have. Their aim is to provide a community in which players to meet up, kill animals together, share pictures, videos, and brag about which animal is spilling more blood than the other. Basically you can think of it as a hunting MMO. If that's not enough you can hook up the game to your facebook, myspace as well as your phone so that you can never miss a moment. The best part of this whole title is that the game is completely free. If anyone is completely jumping out of their seat, and running around like a mad man in excitement should probably restrain themselves to the wall as I will now report that they will be holding a beta in the fall which will sure give players a head start on becoming an animal hunting pro. We got screenshots as well as a link to their site regarding beta information after the jump!"

Screenshots, as well as a link for beta information after the jump.

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