Oops! Sony declares SIXAXIS Emmy, Emmys say "uh-uh"

Séamus at Hydrapinion did some legwork and discovered that, while Sony had won an Emmy for Technology and Engineering, it wasn't for the SIXAXIS. Instead, Christine Chin from NATAS confirmed that Sony's Dual Shock as well as Nintendo's D-Pad (NES pad?) won "for the development of the generation of controllers that followed the classic joysticks."

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SimmoUK5230d ago

Did you see any Playstation supporter saying that sixaxis should of won, no because we live in the real world and aren't some fantasy based xbots...

original seed5230d ago

call people Xbots? Does it make you feel good? You really need to relax.

InMyOpinion5230d ago

I can't see why a 7-8 year old peripheral should get an innovation award...

HyperBear5230d ago

I think we can say Sony just got Served. They thought good, but they thought wrong. Besides, Wii deserves it more, cause neve rin gaming have we had a remote control for an actual gaming controller, and the Wii controller does everything motion-detective, unlike SIXAXIS where its just only entitled to certain games.

THAMMER15230d ago

My personal opinion is the SIXAXIS sucks. I would give it the finger through the toilet paper award.

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