UGO: Nyko Charge Base 360 Review

UGO writes: "The Nyko Charge Station is a pretty handle little device, a standalone charger for two included rechargeable battery packs which mimic the design of battery casings on standard Xbox 360 controllers. The new Nyko Charge Base is a friend to lazy gamers everywhere. It's no different from the Charge Station, save for the fact the it is designed to charge the two included, redesigned batteries while they are still attached to the controllers.

The Charge Base succeeds admirably in this task for the most part. A max of two Xbox 360 controllers fit snugly onto the base with the battery receiving charge through an exposed strip of metal. Conversely, the base isn't so friendly when controller-free batteries are set to charge. Without the weight of the gamepad to press the battery's contact point against the charger, there's just not enough juice allowed to flow."

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