Ridge Racer 7 Screenshots

Here are 6 screenshots of Ridge Racer 7 for the PS3. These looks to be the same as those scans we saw a while ago, but now you can see them in much better quality.

Scroll down to "Story Images" to view the screens.

Source: CVG

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TheMART5823d ago

It's Rrriiiiddddggeeeee Raaaceerrrrrr lame game

Anerythristic265823d ago

These buildings look good. Where are the giant crabs though?

Hold n I will try to be a PS3 Fanboy commenting on a 360 game , wait , OK... Thi gmae iz tolltly lame! Lok as this grafic so sad! Tghi lok lik PS 1.5 gralfic. Thi gam succs!

achira5823d ago

this graphics looks better than any racing game for the xbox360. and please dont mention pgr3, this game cant compete with old grand turismo.

Anerythristic265823d ago

What graphics? It's a tech demo. None of that is in game. Where are the cars or the ground even in some of those shots. More PS3 tech displays where is our RIIIDGGE RAAACCCER CGI?

AuburnTiger5823d ago

Ridge has always been one of those classics games that has always accompanied every playstation launch. I believe the game is really meant to display the power of the ps3. It will be nice to compare it too the ridge racer from the 360.

PS360PCROCKS5823d ago

LMAO!! Have u seen test drive, blow it out your ass you moron. Test drive raped this game and than came back for seconds, please

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The story is too old to be commented.