Microsoft plays down Live Anywhere

In an interview with OXM UK, head of Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer, played down the arrival of Live Anywhere. He said gamers "should not wait" for the arrival of the long-promised service that connects Xbox games to other devices like mobile phones.

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andron3875d ago

Another big idea bites the dust. Might have been different if they actually developed the technology before announcing the service, eh.

dantesparda3875d ago

You're to much of a fanboy to see what he is really doing here. See the 360 fanboys were first to start sh!t about Sony announcing sh!t long before its ready and either taking to long or not delivering on it or even going back on what they said. So now what he is doing is merely just pointing that MS is guilty of doing that too. But instead all you can see is a attack on your beloved system

andron3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

That's what I meant yes...

Kenny_Roger3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Can you do the same thing with PSN ?? Hell no
what do you think about the Trophy system ?? Su(ks A$$

Back to my 360


what happened to them (droids) ?? I can't find them anywhere in this site , maybe they have a meeting in SDF Headquarter

I miss the lovely princess Juuken

Stryfeno23875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

look what you have tones of Sony fanboys will attack you and your post. 360 news are their main priority...*runs*

Xlll3875d ago

lol Maybe you should talk when they release it. So far all this looks like is M$ trying to make you forget about it. So keep waiting for something you won't even be getting. On the other hand we will enjoy our every evolving PSN and Home.

Silly xbots looking for the smallest sign of hope.

Stryfeno23875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Live Anywhere would of been cool but as right now I'm looking foward to the New Xbox Experience...I think MS looking forward for the 720 to have all these missing features. IPTV will be one of them.

Kenny_Roger3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

and 5 years later , $ony will copy these features and release it to their next generation console PS4

RedVsBlue3875d ago

& Sony does not do anything similiar to what Microsoft does ? Stop being a fan boy

Greysturm3875d ago

I cant see anyone attacking ms for copying on this thread i think the first guy was talking about developing the tech and having at least a working prototype before anouncing a service.

I Make Stuff Up3875d ago

And this has nothing to do with Sony.
Go troll somewhere else.

andron3875d ago

I have always disliked MS, I diss them in real life too.

Got nothing to do with console wars. MS continually low standards and the annoying WinOS made me dislike them from day one. They have done nothing to change my mind about them since.

Greysturm3875d ago

A bit overdefensive today are we guys.

Dyingduck3875d ago

M$ is getting desperate
Fanboys are getting desperate

CRAPBOX360 is dying

Don't worry too much, they'll go away soon

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