Japanese and Westernized RPG's

Analoghype: For years Japanese RPG's delivered a lot of variety to the market and games like final fantasy, dragon quest and Zelda were pretty much at the fore front of the RPG category. Then came an avalanche of RPG's created by westernized developers, and now today westernized RPG's may just be the most popular form of RPG's, at least in north America and Europe.

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blackboyunltd3878d ago

they speak the truth on this one

La Chance3878d ago

I personnaly prefer jrpgs way more than wrpgs.From the characters to the environement of the games etc.

When it comes to wrpgs I dont like games like Oblivion , the story is more than inexistant and roaming around doing quests is boring to me.Wrpgs like Bioware's wrpgs (Mass effect , Jade Empire etc) are as good as jrpgs.

The only thing that pisses me off in jrpgs are that sometimes they are too cliché , predictable etc.

Maedhros3878d ago

JRPGs are ridiculously dated at this point: they never risk breaking away from formula (even Final Fantasy doesn't dare move too far away from its roots), and they've relied on the same archaic gameplay systems they've had since they were on the NES. So of course gamers will prefer WRPGs at this point - they have actually been growing and evolving as time goes on. They have done away with things that were only implemented because of hardware limitations, instead of clinging to them and calling it "tradition" (like random encounters, world maps). Zelda et al also don't fall into the JRPG category as a general rule: they don't share the necessary elements and follow the right conventions, they're adventure games first and foremost.

There is an obvious need for the genre to actually change, but it probably won't happen as long as Japan holds Dragon Quest in such high esteem.

And it's fairly natural for Western gamers to prefer WRPGs - they're made with us in mind, after all.

ShinMaster3878d ago

This article is pretty BULLS***!

Even though WRPGs are supposed to look more realistic, they really don't(especially Oblivion and Fable 2). Exaggerated lighting doesn't help at all either, it just hides other graphical flaws.

Oblivion wasn't much fun, and Fallout 3 will be very similar and ugly looking(not technically).

For a few years now, there's already been JRPGs with REAL-TIME BATTLES, not all have turn-based action. Why was this left out!?

FFXII, Kingdom Hearts I and II, are a few examples.

This is also generalizing all JRPG characters to have "spiky hair" or "girly" looking.

SwiffEpics3878d ago

"this does annoy a lot of gamers. With all western RPG’s no mechanics change, what you see is what you get and this is pretty much standard now in all RPG’s as even Japanese developers are catching on."

^^^^ I mentioned there that Japanese developers caught onto the real time mechanics and are using it in their games now.

and no I did not say that ALL Jrpg characters have spiky hair and girlish looks, But i did mention that most of them do.

This article was not written to slam Jrpgs in any way as I love them as much as you do mate.

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