Gates Talks Xbox Strategy, Dismisses Sony.

Bill Gates is all over the place lately, chatting people up on the subject of the Xbox 360 and musing over Microsoft's future online strategies. Apparently chuffed at now having sold a grand total of 10.4 million Xboxen to date, the Microsoft chairman seems generally pleased with the state of the world.

Marty83706111d ago

He's a fool too under estimate Sony.

power of Green 6111d ago (Edited 6111d ago )

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PS3 Fan 09 Jan 2007 19:32

If this was already posted then my bad but did you even read the news post you dip fuc?.

These god dam Sony fans are getting out of hand.

Karibu6110d ago

Feel better now power of green V ? :)

This made me laugh out loud
"It [the Xbox 360] is a general purpose computer."

So it's a computer now... what does it use .. windows, linux? You can't even acces internet with it...

BG is full of BS and playing catch-up with PS3.

BIadestarX6110d ago

" So it's a computer now... what does it use .. windows, linux? You can't even acces internet with it..." ohh wow, interesting statement. It can't access the "internet". So, what do you think xbox live uses? lol. Technically the 360 is a computer because it has all the components of a computer. Not having a browser does not change that fact. Also, windows, and linux are OS and just because a computer does not have an OS does not make a computer. So, what would you call a computer with a formatted drive? uhhh... educate yourself people educate yourself.

power of Green 6110d ago

You mean the DreamCast or Web TV are not PC's?. I think #2's the one that's got people laughing out loud.

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5 Of the Most Unlikeable Video Game Protagonists

There are good video game protagonists, and there are bad video game protagonists.

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2d ago
GhostScholar2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I disagree that max is unlikable. Chloe is infinitely more unlikable in my opinion.

gold_drake2d ago

omg chloe was awful. i really hated her at the end haha

Cacabunga2d ago

Abby was absolute trash protagonist in every way..
Tidus was so meh to me..
On villain side, the one i didn’t like wa Micah, because they wanted him to be that way and it was brilliant👍🏽

Rancegamerx2d ago

I agree, I liked Max, Chloe was a horrible friend and a bad influence.

Cacabunga2d ago

Everyone agrees on chloe, I’m sure even ND do.

H92d ago

Both are horrible, granted Chloe is infinitely worse, it feels like Chloe is just fanservice for people who too over the edge and wasn't written to be a character that makes sense

MrChow6662d ago

exactly I was expecting it to be a the top of the list

ravens522d ago

Ye I was expecting her too. Guess they actually played the game. Unlike you and whoever agrees.

gpimlott1d 9h ago

I played through the whole game and think she is one of the worst character Ive ever played as

ravens521d 7h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )

gpimlott. How?

Christopher2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

She's actually not bad. It's the writing itself that is bad overall, but she's fine overall. She's no worse than Miles Morales IMHO. Both thrust into a spotlight and receiving both praise and blame and dealing with it.

Forspoken is a bland game because it's 75% bland, boring, repetitive going through the motions and diversions that add nothing of the value with purposefully gated memory moments that don't feel organic or like you're discovering things but waiting for others to reveal things.

ravens522d ago

Exactly Chris. Even though I liked the game. I kno u played it. People who actually played it and went thru her dream saw she was a good likeable person who really just acted out due to being alone and unloved. I think your problem is it was open world, I think if it was more linear you may have liked it better.

savedsynner1d 23h ago

Oh no she's bad. Very unlikable even before you add on the bad dialogue. The game could have been quite good with a good protagonist

ravens521d 12h ago

For all the people like synner. Shes actually half white lol. Inferior complexity is a hell of a thing. You'll be ok.

gpimlott1d 9h ago

was thinking about her right away aswell!