Crysis Gets A Star Wars Mod: Use The Force!

GameXtract writes "Nanosuites, elite soldiers are all cool stuff, but sometimes even they themselves get bored to an extent, and wish for something new. mangobyebye, and his team have been working on a Star Wars Force Power Mod. It's turning out to be a total conversion mod meaning new levels, new story, new weapons, and new everything. This means you get to be a nanosuite lightsaber jedi, and use the force in a Crysis world. mangobyebye has posted some of their current work, and I say that I'm very impressed, and will be looking forward to this mod once released. Looks like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is not all that original after all. Take a look at the AAT, Lightsaber, and a video showing off the force powers after the jump!"

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dachiefsman3880d ago

that is really cool especially with the physics!

THWIP3880d ago

THAT WAS REALLY....lame. :o

INehalemEXI3880d ago

The total conversion Mod once finished could be sweet. That vid looked like it was just showing the ability to replicate force powers in Crysis.

killalot1003880d ago

man so many of this mods r being made.

FantasyStar3880d ago

Crytek's engine begs for physics-based powers.

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