Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Revealed

EA has revealed the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass on its Origin platform, and will cost South Africans a whopping R500, which is actually a lot less than the £39.99 United Kingdom pricing.

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IndominusRex1974d ago

Thanks for splitting the playerbase again... -_-

XtraTrstrL1974d ago

Pretty sad when you got companies like M$ learning and having GOW4 mappacks 'n stuff be releasing for free. Battlefield started going backwards starting at BF3, they turned into COD with charging for maps and splitting the community and just being greedy bastards with no regards for the game's multiplayer longevity.

Sciurus_vulgaris1974d ago

The season pass for battlefield 1 is $50 US($60 Canadian). I am most likely skipping Battlefield 1 now unless the beta is amazing. The price of the game with the season pass is equivalent to buying a new game and a newish discounted title.

hells_supernova1974d ago

Not exactly true. Battlefield 1942 had expansions that split the player Base. This is nothing new. I won't be supporting any dlc I like how Microsoft has been doing things lately and that should be the standard

XtraTrstrL1974d ago


Yeah, the only problem with M$ is them still trying to hold onto the Win10/Windows Store/UWP exclusivity for games on PC. They're letting Quantum Break come to Steam with Win7-8/DX11 support next month, which is great. Ofcourse it's only because the atrocious sales and other issues with it on the Windows Store though. They need to put GOW:UE and GOW4 on Steam.

UE should go on Steam ASAP, while there's still interest in it by people wanting to get ready for GOW4. GOW4 should just launch on Steam along with the Windows Store. Otherwise, it'll be dead for the non-crossplay competitive multiplayer modes within a few short months, just like UE died. It needs the stronger playerbase that Steam would bring. The Windows Store is not ready, and much too hated and distrusted to be holding these types of multiplayer-reliant games hostage to exclusivity. They're just making a worse name for the store and killing franchises on PC all at once.

If Quantum Break does large #s on Steam, it'll probably effect their decision, but the question becomes when will they make the move? The sooner the better, and launch day would obviously be best for sales.

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Skate-AK1973d ago

Sony knows that too. That is why they gave all the Killzone Shadow Fall maps away as a free download way back in 2014. It just seems like EA is out of touch with the consumers and is focused on pure profit rather than playerbase throughout the years. I am sure this isn't a DICE decision, and if given the choice, they would likely rather have a huge player base of 50-60k than 5-10k of hardcore fans. They had a really good chance to stick it to COD by making the maps free but just another missed opportunity.

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GUTZnPAPERCUTZ1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

People should expect this though... I mean Since BF3 they have shipped with 10 maps with variants for all game modes. BF4 had 30 maps after all DLC and who knows how many more weapons, vehicles and attachments. I mean it was nice to have Bad Company 2 style "VIP" DLC for free, but it didn't offer what the DLC for BF3 and BF4 offered even though Vietnam DLC was AMAZING you still had to pay $20 for it. BF is one of those games I def don't mind paying for premium and is the first I buy if it's not bundled, They offer A lot of content for $50 compared to other titles!

Yi-Long1974d ago

The problem isn't so much in the amount of content offered, but the fact that it splits up the community, which harms the experience.

Omegasyde1974d ago

Yi is correct whats the point of getting new maps when you only have a handfull of player to gank.

But if they released the maps for free- what would be the incentive to get the season pass for just get a handful of gadgets and guns.

I think more free loot boxes with customization options early unlocks might do it however. Rainbow six siege for example did it right but only 1 new map every few months is too little too late

Dirtnapstor1974d ago

I know, right?!
Why are people surprised? Totally expected a premium...however it would've been nice to have a bundle at a discounted rate like BF's primary competition.

ion6661972d ago

Well bf4 started giving away the map packs for free. You had to wait till the next battlefield to get em. Still complaining?

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iLemon1974d ago

BF4 easily has 24k people playing at any given time. It's going to be like half that once this comes out.

lipton1011974d ago

Lotta whine right here.

TwoForce1973d ago

Really ? People really hate season passes.

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TwoForce1973d ago

Just like BF4, EA doesn't care.

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DeeBeers1974d ago

I need premium injected directly into my eyeballs.

Yi-Long1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Automatic pass for me. I'll wait a year before I consider buying a complete Premium release. I absolutely hate this practice where the community gets split up between 'haves' and 'have nots'. I learned my lesson with BF3, which I bought at launch but it died down for me (and many others) as soon as the DLC dropped. I picked up BF4 including Premium for 40 euro orso a year after launch, which was a good purchase.

I guess I'll pick up Overwatch or MAYBE Titanfall 2 instead. Or I'll just stick with BF4 for now...

_-EDMIX-_1974d ago

errr....I'm not sure I'd say all that. I have almost 300 hours in BF4, no Premium. I'd rather play BF at launch and make the choice if I want to pay extra for more maps, I didn't play BF4 as much as I did BF3 or BFBC2 where I put around 800 or so hours in each, so for me...I make that choice maybe 250 to 300 hours in. I'm not waiting years for a package, just to find out I don't even care for the game or its extra maps etc.

That just seems like such a waste merely to get a discount.

BF1 is a day 1 for me. Not sure why you are shocked that this is the 4th game they've made with premium pass....what told you this would be different? lol "complete" is what you make of it bud, BF4 is complete to me, with zero DLC purchased....

Anything else is merely an extra, an extra I may not pay for, but an extra I damn well won't go without playing BF MERELY to get cheaper. My gaming needs come first. If you have to skip a game merely to get its extras at a discount when you could have been having fun mastering the game, maybe you should spend that time actually seeking a better job. I seek to master BF before I spend any time thinking about getting its DLC.

I'll go that path when I'm done memorizing the maps and play times.

Yi-Long1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

That's the problem: Because maybe only half the community has bought the DLC, more and more people will just stick to map-rotations of the base-game, and thus you often see there's trouble finding DLC-maps to play on, especially when you also just want to play Conquest without any stupid custom rules and whatever, or on a time where there are less people online.

I can always find full games with the base-game, but because the DLC has split up the community, it's much harder to be able to play and enjoy the DLC-maps.

A common complaint heard about Hardline for instance, is that although the DLC-maps are actually quite good, not enough people bought the DLC or simply aren't playing them, so too often you can't really find a good server that's full of people. Which is a complaint which also kept me from buying hardline completely, as well as Battlefront. I won't buy a game WITHOUT the DLC, but I also won't buy the game including the DLC while nobody is playing it anymore, cause that's useless. So I just skip it completely.

Of course, BF1 will appeal to a much broader audience than Hardline and Battlefront did, so I assume in a year orso people will actually still very much be playing the game, which is when I'll consider buying it, if there's a good deal on the complete package.

But for now, splitting up the community, I really just don't want to be a part of that. I'll keep myself entertained with other games...

lipton1011974d ago

You don't even need the DLC. When I'm on BF4 now I barely ever play any DLC maps, not even the free ones, unless I want to pick and choose what maps I want to play. And there's nearly no servers out there that just run the game at default settings in a fully integrated vanilla + all DLC map rotation

Yi-Long1973d ago

That's. The. Problem. With. This.

sullynathan1974d ago

$50 for a worthless crap. Mostly rehashed or boring poor maps that most people won't play due to the price. Still hiding game modes behind dlc. Is this the great battlefield all the fanboys on N4G love? or will they ignore this to continuously complain about cod?

_-EDMIX-_1974d ago one cares.

If you keep spouting misinformation, most will just disagree and move on.

" Still hiding game modes behind dlc" You buy things at a choice, soooo yes, everything is held being some price, that is how the world works bud.

"they ignore this to continuously complain about cod?" Who is they? If you've heard someone say they are ok with something, yet not ok with something else....find them, quote them, make a post about them.

Don't generalize ie making up a situation to fit your narrative. As a BF fan, I might buy their maps....I may not. I put around 300 hours in every BF game if not more and even then I may not buy its DLC.

I didn't buy BF3 or BF4's DLC and put around 1100 hours combined in them. I might like BF1 enough to want more maps or modes and might get its DLC, might just happen based on if I want anything else next fall. Its largely based on if I'm planning to keep playing it. If I feel like I might only put 200 or 300 hours in it, I'll already decide I'm not going to buy its DLC. Why? Well I put 300 hours in maps I've memorized, If I don't see me putting in another 300 more, why pay for content I won't even get to fully maximize?

Its completely up to the user. You can still like a game that had DLC bud. I'm not sure why you thought it having DLC, means gamers don't love it....what does that have to do with liking a game?

SOooooo if you beat a game and I tell you it has DLC, something now changed or nah? Seems petty and irrelevant to me.

So just like games with zero DLC? Less the better? Zero options is the best huh? lol one is forcing you to buy any extra content if you don't want to. DICE supports their games for years after launch.

sullynathan1974d ago

obviously you and others care looking at how lengthy your post is. Why should DICE/EA remove game modes that has been in previous battlefield games to sell it back to people? I am disgusted hat DICE is still practicing remaking old maps for new games and then selling it to you.

I didn't buy BF3 or BF4 DLC either. I got premium for BF3 at a cheaper price and got BF4 late when EA released all the DLC for free. I would never buy this crap.

I think having shitty DLC is a problem especially at the increased price of $50. Going by BF4s DLC in which the maps aren't that good and very few are even still playing those maps, its quite disheartening. Even worse is that certain game modes, like CTF, is stuck behind DLC.

I prefer the model of releasing all the DLC for free. Rainbow Six Siege is doing this, GTA V online is doing this, Overwatch is doing this etc. . I would like EA to do the same.

_-EDMIX-_1974d ago

@Sully- "I am disgusted hat DICE is still practicing remaking old maps for new games and then selling it to you"

You mean the ones you don't need to buy?

But did you die?

"I would never buy this crap" then don't.....

"I think having shitty DLC is a problem" Subjective, the millions that buy them clearly like them enough to pay.

"Even worse is that certain game modes, like CTF, is stuck behind DLC." Want the mode? Pay. Very simple bud.

No where did it ever say the base game of BF4 had CTF, in fact unless its telling you its in the base game, your crying is irrelevant. Optional bud, you either buy it or not.

"I prefer the model of releasing all the DLC for free" Thats nice....

Gaming is still a business. You think I don't like free? LMFAO! Buddy, I'm merely understand and get I have a choice to either buy, or not. You seem to have a very, very hard time getting that humans have free will.

Buy what you like and live life. What others are buying is irrelevant. IF you think its a deal to you, help yourself bud. Others may not want to wait for a cheaper price or buy it "late" for some "deal".

Missing game time isn't a deal for some users bud. Some can afford to buy their games day 1 and enjoy the extra content when it arrives as suppose to waiting for it to reach the bargain bin. What your crying about is merely getting junk at a "cheaper price" or um "free".

I wish we can get all games for free and consoles for free too. Add that to your fantasy list or nah? lol

Again, nothing wrong with free, but I have money to buy what I want. No tears hear bud. Maybe focus on getting a better job/career vs coming on N4G to cry about DLC prices or game prices etc. Don't want, don't buy, can't afford, wait til have options bud.

No one is forcing you to game or spend your money. Maybe...I don't know....focus your priories on making more of you even need to go to such extremes to get a "cheaper price" lol

You think I'm waiting to play BF1 to get a cheaper price? LMFAO! No...god no. I can afford to get it day 1, with its season pass no problem (ironically enough...not even getting the season pass for the first 6 months IF i ever even get it)

Kyosuke_Sanada1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

What's with tying careers with buying games Day One? Most of the richest in the world are the cheapest and even people with well paying jobs isn't going drop dimes on something they consider a waste of money. Also please don't respond with "millions of players already pay money for the DLC" as if makes it right because this current presidential election candidates along with many events in the past that prove the majority make the wrong decisions quite frequently especially if they aren't and/or choose to remain uninformed.

There's a reason why most gamers consider the late PSOne and Playstation 2 years the golden era of games and if you ask anyone who have been playing games, they would love to have that financial ecosystem in a heartbeat instead of what we have now. It's also hard to take any "business" seriously when they rarely admit their mistakes, I never hear Toyota saying "drivers don't know how hard making a car is?" when their models of their cars were sold with the accelerator is stuck or any other business blaming the customers when promises are not delivered. Ghostbusters 2016 tried that and look what happened.

Everybody has a right of choice which is true but it's the results which prove if they are correct and season passes hasn't made gaming better at all.

d_g1974d ago

oh EA did it again....$50 for a f**king Premium Pass

davethedog1974d ago

sheeeeeeeiiiittttt, that's chump change for us ballers. Upgrade your game playaMcFantastic.

_-EDMIX-_1974d ago

lol. If someone is only playing BF, this shouldn't even be THAT big of an issue. I found myself playing more Fallout 4 then I though, so bought the Season pass when it went on sale. I got about 4 side missions before I've 100% the main game, 140 hours in, no DLC touched.

IF this is what someone is doing with the game, then sure. If someone is seeking to put huge hours in BF1, I see no reason to not pay for the extra content other then wanting to focus on the core maps more.

Want more? Pay more. I see nothing wrong with this concept.

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