GamePro: Can you play games when you're upset?

There's nothing like popping in a comfort video game like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, or some other familiar hit after a particularly long or stressful day. But what if more is on your mind -- like after an argument with a friend or loved one, an enduring difficulty, or upon receiving some unexpected news?

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Hellsvacancy4331d ago

Of-course u can, i tend to play The Warriors or 1 of the Hitman games when im pissed off or ill play Populous The Beginning, that tends to put me in a good mood (i like the music)

Cajun Chicken4331d ago

Postal 2 in cases of anger.
Good mood...nah. Doesn't work for me, just can't concentrate, I guess Bust a Move or Devil Dice works fine.

The-Director4331d ago

when I'm upset i usually jump in a fast online shooter "COD4 for example" , online is fast and doesn't give you time to think about what is making you upset .

i can't find my self play offline when I'm upset because I'll still be upset and thinking about it .