DICE on EA’s use of Frostbite: “It’s like you’ve let your child out into the world”

Stevivor -- "At Gamescom last week, DICE’s Lars Gustavsson explained how excited he was to see EA use the developer’s Frostbite engine across multiple franchises."

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crazychris4124875d ago

only to be kidnapped and then pimped out

rainslacker875d ago (Edited 875d ago )

Or hit by a truck when the game sucks. Or preached to by Mormons on how awesome God(EA in the analogy) is when promoting itself.

Engine is pretty sweet though.


Yep, the engine is pretty awesome for visuals. Love me some battlefield. This engine makes it all happen.

RegorL875d ago

multiplayer (64 with destruction), sound (unbeaten), mixed gameplay (on foot, vehicles including flying, on horseback), ...

Not only visuals!

Timesplitter14875d ago

Now release the engine to the public!

Sciurus_vulgaris875d ago

I doubt that will happen. The Frostbite engine is made for EAs own studios, it is not licensed out like Unreal, Cry and Unity engine.

Elwenil875d ago

That's one f*cked up kid.

875d ago