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Special XNA Show. Everything you need to know and a whole lot more about Microsoft's new game developing tool. Our 4 guests are N0M4D, Machaira, Cosmo Iguana and Blackwolf.

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All things XNA! From the clueless to the moderate, we cover everything you could ever want to know about XNA, from a gamers perspective. Also hear from basic to elite game designers as they discuss what XNA offers and what games they are working on.

Topics include
# Brief guest intro, background and thoughts about XNA.
# What the hell is XNA?
# Find out what they are currently working on with XNA!
# What does MS's new "Creators Club" do for you?
# What about the average gamer? What does this do for them?
# Where do you see XNA in the future? How can it imporve?
# Can you use the Vision Cam, Racing Wheel or Guitar Hero?
# And whatever else the conversation brings up…

Show Wrap-Up Discussion
# 35.5 World Wide Announcement. Calling all international listeners of XBL Radio!
# Microsoft CES discussion. Is IPTV the future?
# XBL Radio joins the programming, with Bobby Blackwolf interview!
# This and more…

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