Talk Playstation Hands-On With PlayStation Home

Home is a virtual world where you can hang out and talk to friends, meet new people, and have an expanded gaming experience. Currently it's in the Extended Closed Beta Phase, where users will be added in a weekly basis for the US.

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THC CELL4318d ago

i cant wait for home
i have cleaned all my ps3 up now and also added a new HDD
for all the games and also home

By the way i would like to thank PP for taking my bubbles
any ps3 fan who would like to hit me up and let me have my say please do so

TheWickedOne4317d ago

I'll give you a bubble just for the hell of it.

Surfman4317d ago

i give u one too. You could do the same thing for me eh? ;)

THC CELL4317d ago

thanks man i will in return as well as anyone eles will

And hope to see the lot of u in home soon
it will be nice to meet the fello n4g site users lol

Surfman4317d ago

i got home, meet in soon, im sure the open beta comes out soon.
id: marcro85

kapedkrusader4317d ago's not laggy and sluggish at all. It's coming along quite nicely.