New Killzone 2 Footage - Online Beta

Short video of the multiplayer beta plus new footage of the title menu and mutliplayer lobby section.


Video has been deleted by user.
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Meus Renaissance4330d ago

Has a COD4 vibe to it in terms of atmosphere, but with steroid-fed visuals. It's going to be a great game. The next 6 months will be a great time for PS3 owners.

evolution544330d ago

The title menu part totally feels like COD4. Not that it's a bad thing but it just seems kinda weird how a lot of people compare the two everytime and then you get this.

I'm not usually stoked about multiplayer in games as I care about storyline and gameplay more but I have got to say that Killzone 2 is making me change my mind. The classes you get to choose is exciting indeed.

Dark General4330d ago

I hope they change the mood of the menu. It does look too much like CoD4's (you know with all that gray). Maybe have a little more personality for the menu system.

beavis4play4330d ago

menu seems more similar to original KZ than COD4. yea guys, there have been other games made besides COD4. and,when i watch KZ stuff like this, i'm not thinking about COD4. i'm thinking about how much a want this game.

Overr8ed4330d ago

yea you can see the CoD4 aesthetic but overwhelmingly like CoD 4, the lobby looks like a Killzone game which i do like. too bad their so no real gameplay other then 2 steps and a nade toss.

Panthers4330d ago

I just dont see COD in the gameplay at all. Aside from the whole FPS part. This game looks awesome. Cant wait.

MvmntInGrn4330d ago

First every game was compared to Halo, now COD4. Ever think a lot of FPS just use the same base idea?

From what I have seen of KZ2 it operates quite differently than COD4, they both have guns(duh) but will feel different since they use different engines and play different because they have different developers.

INehalemEXI4330d ago

This could be the game of the century everytime I see it I just drool..../sigh.

Dark General4330d ago

I'm sure there is more FPS's than Call of Duty 4 but honestly haven't played them. Hell i haven't even played CoD4's single player (brought CoD4 because of a lost bet with my friend. Now i play everytime he does because of the stipulations). Honestly speaking FPS's don't really capture my attention besides 1 or 2 here and there (Portal, Mirrors Edge, Black, Dues Ex). I didn't say the gameplay looks like Call of Duty 4 because it don't. In fact i was expecting a engy to come out of nowhere and say "Spy sappin my sentry" because of that turret gun

Just saying the menu system looked like CoD4 in my opinion.

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KILLERAPP4330d ago

It looks extremely good can’t wait to play it. FEB 09 is looking extremely far away after seen this.

Ninja-Sama4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Wonder how he get got access to the beta...didn't know that it was even out.

KILLERAPP4330d ago

He said he works in the gaming industry and was a close beta for the moment.

Ninja-Sama4330d ago

Ahh so that explains it. Thx for the reply.

shysun4330d ago

It better make that Feb date!

Mc Fadge4330d ago

It's meant to meet a November date, but is being released later for some polish. And boy I can't wait for that polish :D

mfwahwah4330d ago

Yeah, the only reason it's not coming out this fall is because there are too many shooters. Sony doesn't want to flood the market with all of their shooters at once.

Dyingduck4330d ago

This is like COD4 on GFX-steriod

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4330d ago

This game looks like a TRUE Next-Gen game!!! ;-P
Next-Gen starts when this game comes out!!!;)
(+When SONY Say so!!!) ;-D
(+MGS4 + Uncharted + MotorStorm + R&C:TOD Look better than anything on any other Consoles EASILY!!!) ;)