Pixel Related Podcast: Episode 23 – No Man’s Lie

Kyle Orr writes: "We’re one man down this week but that doesn’t stop from diving deep into the galaxy of No Man’s Sky. We discuss the gameplay, broken promises, controversy and our lasting feelings…

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Grap2835d ago

More Like one man's lie

thorstein2834d ago

This author's lie. Sick of the claims of broken promises yet every article about it can't prove any of them. Though, there is overwhelming evidence that the authors are just making up reasons to hate this game....not new, for this game or many, many others.

I remember reading one journo claim Infamous Second Son had a graphics downgrade...lulz. The things they invent.

MP? Box says single player, dev said single player in 2014, 15, and 16. But the hateboys called that a "broken promise." Lol

esmittystud1012834d ago

Hello games is young and will learn from this launch. This game will grow with the years. Kinda like what Minecraft was when it first released and now look what it has become. Not that I would even play Minecraft, but if you do that's cool, you like what you like.

Mark my words. You will be able to build your own base on the planet of your choice one day in No Man's Sky. Yes, the same game we all bought a few weeks ago. You'll see.

psplova2834d ago

That and all sorts of the features people are bitching and whining about them missing from the interviews, I'm guessing..

spoilerjerk2834d ago

But that's fair criticism, not merely "bitching". From the very first reveal trailer that was absolutely incredible to the launch of the game you realize just how much of this game never existed to begin with. Sean Murray mislead on a number of items and was intentionally coy on other elements. There is a reason when he was asked "what do you do in the game" he couldn't answer the question and said it's a "surprise". The surprise is there is nothing to do. I put way too much time maxing out all inventory slots over the last 2 weeks hoping against hope the game was going to get better, but it doesn't. Maxing out inventory slots IS the game.

psplova2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


At this point. And I agree, people have a reason to complain if they were mislead. No argument there.. Things will get patched in though so, for someone like me who is enjoying what is available, i can look past those things for the time being and continue exploring the universe. It's what i expected and am getting to do.. Things will only get better and that to me is exciting. For a small team of devs, i think the game is really impressive from what they created so far.. For everyone that hasn't jumped in just yet and read reviews have no reason to complain though as all they have to do is save their money until it becomes fleshed out more to what the original intent was to begin with.. Working against deadlines and not having yet another delay is certainly what caused these differences in what was proposed and what was ready at launch imo..

_-EDMIX-_2834d ago

Probably, but some of those features I'm not sure will ever make the game. They are a team of 5, they can't really spend that much time on this game without spending their own money outsourcing to staff to continue working on it or even entertaining the idea of selling the IP.

I might much rather this IP in Sony or another publishers hands that might be able to deliver what was promised. I think for Hello Game's reputation, they will need to seriously consider spending the rest of this gen actually making No Man Sky what they told people it was.

I don't mean what folks might have made up in their minds, but exactly what they stated the game would be. Some of the information I've read, was NEVER corrected by Hello Games, as in I can't find anywhere on their site or in interviews etc where they stated "no it wouldn't be in the final game" it is seriously grounds to even sue as its false advertising. Its not merely a "maybe" its a "yes" in many interviews on certain situations that actually never show up in No Man Sky. I think they should show face and keep adding those features until its what they've been saying it should be.

I don't think it would have even been THAT bad if they came out and stated it was always going to update to be that and at launch it wasn't going to have those.

Its like.....so what? At least we know to buy it later when it does or we know not to buy it expecting something we shouldn't. They are going down a slippery slope that I think they can avoid by coming clean about this features not being in the game.

Redx1652834d ago

Lol no this game has failed and the reputation Hello Games had is over. Time for them to go back to mobile games.

2834d ago
Redx1652834d ago


Sorry but it takes more than a game being sold on false hype to bring back Hello Games reputations. Small vocal minority? Sorry but that's quite the opposite in fact. The majority on the internet hate this game.

_-EDMIX-_2834d ago

I wouldn't even have as much as an issue with some of the features if they just came out and stated it was going to be a progressive game. I'm fully fine with that and was ok with Minecraft's launch and other titles that are server based. I get it, it will build on over time, but at least be a bit more transparent.

The space ships, rings around planets and handhelding and naming of ships should have been discloused that they where changed, removed, still a work in progress etc.

I'll pay full price for this JUST like I'm paying full price for Star Citizen, but only knowing it will grow over time. I think the team should have been way more forthcoming about the inital features at launch or lack thereof. I supported the game and still do, but I agree that its clear they didn't state all the features that would be either removed, not in the final game, still in testing etc.

Its like....of course with hundreds of thousands of gamers playing a game, they will be able to filter out what is happening and what isn't. Even with a universe as huge as No Man Sky, some of those things still mathematically will show up in some form. Whats sad, is if they were upfront about missing features or features still being worked on, I don't think this would have been such a big deal. Its a game that can upload to a server, we get it, but folks bought No Man Sky for some features that legit where never told to consumers that were changed along the way.

No one faults a team of 5 dudes for trying and making an amazing game, merely not being up front with its base features. No Man Sky is still a great game and for me it was worth the full price, but I fully understand how some might get upset. I only wanted to fly in space, see some planets etc.

Some wanted to find different space ships.....can't all the same.
Some wanted to name their ships funny names.....can't.
Some wanted to find planets with different physics and rings....can't.

Lots of small things folks might have wanted and expected and you can't blame them. I even played the game seeing an aggressive animal, expecting it to kill another smaller animal.......it didn't. In fact I see no life for eating or killing another.

A team of 5 did an AMAZING job on this game, zero doubt, but they should have been open to its rough base launch as I don't think many gamers would fault a team of 5 for not making this huge MMO type RPG, they would have likely been ok with the team at least trying it vs (Here is some MEGA footage annnnnnnnnnnd here is a game with some of that)

I think they will learn from it and this game will grow over time. I don't think its as damaging as some might think. This does bring into question how companies should market game and what is a suggestion vs a fact, what is a planned feature and day 1.

Us gamers may not care THAT much if they say they are planning it, as suppose to just saying you "can" yet the final game you can't.

Pongwater2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Some of the things you list are things anyone who paid attention should have known or expected. For example I knew ships wouldn't be extremely varied and naming them wouldn't be an option. I also didn't expect the creatures to be as varied as many evidently did. I hadn't even noticed the lack of planet rings, but have they said rings aren't in there or is it just that no one has seen any yet? I saw a predator kill an herbivore yesterday. It was nothing spectacular but it happened.

Physics shouldn't change. I can see how low gravity planets could be fun, but when I think about what a beating a high gravity planet would be I feel like it's better to keep them uniform, unless they add an ability to scan planets from space which they could do.

I don't think the game is above criticism. I can think of several fairly obvious things they should fix add or change. I'm just surprised by some of the criticism I see from people claiming to be game journalists. If I'm not surprised by something after years of previews and interviews, a gaming journalist shouldn't be either.

_-EDMIX-_2834d ago

@Pong- well if they did say those things and you saw that, I stand corrected.

GamingIVfun2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )


Hello Games are a team 14 people now from a original number of 10 or 12. Seams you missed a few things.

_-EDMIX-_2834d ago

@Gaming- The extra members came on board to complete the game. All games have extra staff to help with the extra push.

ie RE7 is not being done by a team of 600....


What I'm saying is merely based on the CORE team, not folks brought on board to help with the final push. Pretty positive those folks were not on the team for 100% of the game, thus I don't call them core members. If such a thing was the case, you might as well add a few hundred extra members to all teams...

Have you never looked at the temps hired for games when they are in the final push?

They have those members now, the core team was still 5 that made the concept of this game. What if Sony sent in 200 members to help the final push, would you then say a team of 200 plus made the game?

Might question what you consider making as merely working on the ending push I don't considering creating by any stretch.

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killer8762834d ago

no one should trust them again
id never buy any of their games again after this

they preyed on fanboys gullible ways

2834d ago
thorstein2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Too bad you have never played it, but join in on the hate. Awesome? You'd never buy any of their games and yet, here you are almost 2 weeks after launch talking about their game. Weird.

If you hate gaming so much, why come here and troll the people who love it?

killer8762834d ago

Why should I buy it? It's basically a randomly generated monotonous game. That my opinion.

PizzaSteve2834d ago

No Man’s Sky is too big of a game for the 15 dev team at Hello Games to handle. I'm sure they wanted to put everything in the game they said would be in it but didn't have the time and extra people to do so.

gangsta_red2834d ago

Nothing from the E3 demos are in the game and I wouldn't be surprised if what Sean was actually demoing was a separate build specifically made for media events and the television shows he appeared on.

Hello Games small indie game got caught in the big triple A spot light and that is what hurt them also.

Pongwater2834d ago

"Nothing from the E3 demos are in the game"

Incredibly false.

thorstein2834d ago

Xbox gamer claims to know what is in a PS4 game. Wow. You aren't fooling anyone.

ziggurcat2834d ago

"Nothing from the E3 demos are in the game..."

you cannot say that with 100% certainty. again, there are 18 quintillion planets, and an infinite number of galaxies - all of which are procedurally generated. there's no way to say that "nothing from the E3 demos are in the game"...

gangsta_red2834d ago

I just did say that with 100% certainty!

"18 quintillion planets, and an infinite number of galaxies..."

And yet everyone has been seeing the same thing on each planet over and over again and no one has seen anything that Sean Murray demo'd to the media.

ziggurcat2834d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

"I just did say that with 100% certainty!"

... except given the sheer size of the world you're given to explore, you can't.

"... no one has seen anything that Sean Murray demo'd to the media."



"Are you really trying to say that out of 18 quintillian planets..."

what i'm saying is: absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

"... animals that don't look like donkey's with nuts sacs..."

that's terrifying.

gangsta_red2833d ago

Ziggurcat, there has been a number of people playing the game and uploading content on the net. Most of the content shown has pretty much been similar or are very similar to each other. Not one person has shown anywhere near what was shown in the demo.

Are you really trying to say that out of 18 quintillian planets only a few have the animals running through the forest breaking trees, animals that don't look like donkey's with nuts sacs for heads, an actual wild life habitat where animals actually function in instead of aimlessly walking around in circles, that all this is buried deep within the game and on the surface is the shit everyone is seeing now? That is either a lame excuse or lame design.

Maybe when Hello Games start patching in all the stuff they demo'd and showed off then you can find me and say "told ya so!" ;)