Spore Gets World's Tiniest Billboard, Requires Telescope To See

Go tiny or go home. That's the Spore marketing philosophy apparently, as the folks from EA have installed what is probably the world's daintiest billboard in San Francisco's Union Square. At just 14" by 6", the Spore billboard requires a telescope to see.

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habsfan94316d ago

Not to diss EA or anything, but this kinda looks like a ripoff of what Media Molecule did with the small LittleBigPlanet billboards...

mfwahwah4316d ago

That's exactly what I thought. The telescope is a neat addition, but it's kinda bad imo. Why have a line for a billboard? I would just say "**** it I don't need to see what it is." With LBP, you just kind of run into it.

Plus, the tagline for LBP is muuuuuch better imo.

jay24316d ago

Right fine, if thats what EA really want to do waiste their money on telescopes and tiny bilboards.