Rumor: Destiny Could Become Free-to-Play

According to the Destiny reddit page, both base versions of Destiny have been pulled from the Sony and Microsoft stores. The only version that is available in each store is the $20 Destiny: The Taken King bundle which includes the first two expansions.

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TWB880d ago

Warframe is really good, and they have been updating it gradually. It felt amazing to come back after lie a 6 month break when they had updated the movement system. More recently they even updated the game graphicly which even very slightly increased the performance on consoles (at least I noticed a very slight improvement. Its still running pretty low when you are playing in 4 player squad and a huge massacre going on, but few frames more than pre patch IMO)

I have played like 570 hours (which is pretty much the most I have put into a F2P game, Tribes Ascend would be the second game at 300h) so some of the maps, modes and farming is aat times getting really stale, but the recent inclusion of Relics is slightly shaping up things.

Would definitely recommend Warframe for anyone into loot hunting and super powerful space ninjas.

ninsigma881d ago

I'd rather it didn't because it would then be plastered with micro transactions and playing it without paying for those will likely quickly become un-fun. I think they'd lose a lot of players this way.

shadowraiden881d ago

think you miss what would be f2p.

microtransactions are already in and the rumours is just the absolute base game without taken king or the other dlc that would be f2p they would still need to buy the dlc/taken king and future dlc to play them which could be a good move financially as it would allow a lot of people to try out the game then decide if they want to buy the expansions.

Unspoken880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

Wth, I paid over $60 for the base game and included DLC and now they want to give it away?

How the mighty have fallen, Bungie making F2P games....

But what is more likely is the base game has been replaced to include the oldest content to keep the player base healthy.

shadowraiden877d ago

you paid for the right to play the game when you brought it do you complain about sales etc because you also brought it for full price than.

you've had time to play the game for a long period of time getting you're monies worth out of it

BlackWolf12881d ago

This article is bullshit nonsense. Destiny will not become f2p.

InTheZoneAC880d ago

no one would miss a thing if it did go F2P, the endless repetitive grind would match up perfectly with the in game items.

You can't even earn silver in game, that's how sad this is. But the author has got this all wrong, this has nothing to do with going F2P.

formanbradley880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

Plastered with microtransactions... that happened a while ago buddy.

ninsigma880d ago

I mean micros that actually mean something. Don't care about cosmetics and that stuff.

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yomfweeee881d ago

What stupid speculation. Clearly the Taken King version will now be the standard version as it has been in stores.

TC731881d ago

Then why is the game listed as free in the store?

yomfweeee881d ago

There's no way to download or purchase for free.

FamilyGuy880d ago

Maybe that's that demo they had for so long, maybe it'll replace that demo.
No way the vanilla Destiny will be f2p, it'd hit PS+ or Xbox GWG before that happens.

Goldby880d ago

@Family Guy

Vanilla destiny is shit on its own, next to no story, only one raid, and like 10 missions that are completeed in an hour.

If thats not the gateway drug for Free to play games, i dont know what it

FamilyGuy880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

@ Golby below
You're off your rocker if you think vanilla Destiny only has "10 missions", there's at least 20 story missions an strikes (like 5-7 per planet on the 4 planets), and a bunch of PvP stuff

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